“History repeats itself” was a quote some attribute to Rufus Historie in 1553.  I mean he had just witnessed the Protestant Reformation resulting in the upheaval of many nations.  What else could possibly happen that hasn’t happened before?  Unless he believed in reincarnation and was stating that Historie would repeat himself and we lost the meaning of his words throughout the years.  Whatever, it may be I want to go back to the original statement. How should history repeat itself in the area of U.S. Grant, especially when it comes to the Kingdom of God?
There are some areas that  U. S. Grant and I are incredibly close in personality.  Neither one of us  have any musical talent.  Grant only knew two songs.  One was Yankee Doodle and the others aren’t.  Me? There is a reason I stand in the front, not facing anyone, when I am singing.  Grant was also a president.  He was no Millard Fillmore, but he did serve two terms.  I, being born in Canada and living in the United States, have eliminated myself from ever being President or Prime Minister.  To make up for this loss, I can tell you that the first person that my wife and I entertained in our house as a newly married couple was U. S. Grant and he was fairly old at the time. (Just ask Jenny, this is true).  One fact that isn’t as well known is that before all of this, he was a general of the Union Army during the Civil War.
The Overland Campaign started 150 years ago this week and it was the first time that Grant faced Robert E. Lee.  Lee had beaten the Union Army many times and he had gotten into the minds of many of the Union Generals.  Grant, on the other hand knew that Lee did not have the resources to launch an offensive again and was willing to “fight it lout on this line if it takes all summer.”  Here is where the spiritual truth comes in.  Too many times we can get consumed with what the enemy is doing in our lives and the lives of those around us.  The devil has gotten into the heads of many believers causing them to become more intimidated by what he is going to do instead of seeking God for what He wants to do.  At one time Grant had to rebuke his generals by saying, “I am tired of hearing about why Lee is going to do…try to think what we are going to do ourselves”.  We can study the end times and look at the news contemplating “It must be close to the end, look how bad things are getting”  We forget that Jesus said the end will not come until the gospel is preached to the ends of the earth.
I am not saying Grant is Jesus and Lee is satan, but we do need to learn from Historie.  Let us become less focused on our enemy, and start praying “May your kingdom come. May your will be done here one earth just like in heaven.”  Let’s become people consumed with God and his will for the people of the Chippewa Valley.  Let’s pray for a tenacity to stand for righteousness and pursue holiness. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill our minds with thoughts of whatever is good…rather than allowing nightly news to get into our spirits.  Then we too will be able to stand as the church of God and fight it out on this line “Even if it takes all summer”