Back on Mother’s Day, we challenged you—our HTC Family— to raise $20,000 between then and Father’s Day. It was going to a charity called Venture, whose main focus is to bring girls and women out of sex trafficking. Because of your generosity towards this vision, we surpassed that amount in the first three weeks! This amazing feat was bound to save about 200 girls from that awful fate.

What were we going to do for the rest of the campaign? Well, why not ask God to provide double?! From that moment our goal was $40,000!

Father’s Day came and passed, we gave a last call for this campaign during service and finished that Sunday strong.

The numbers are in… $40,000 (on the dot!!) Thank you for seeing the vision and running hard to reach these people across the world!

Check out this story of Hannah and how God used Venture to turn her life around: