We had a few updates with our Worship & Prayer events coming up corresponding to the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting. The Eau Claire Campus event will now be right after the business meeting–after second service.

For the Progress & Praise Meeting at about 12:30pm, we will be voting (details TBA) and therefore will need a quorum. Whether it be at the Eau Claire Campus or South Campus or Chippewa Falls Campus–if you are a member we need your attendance! It will be streamed to both the Chippewa Falls and South Campuses, so please attend!

As far as the Worship & Prayer time to follow, that will take place directly afterward in Eau Claire at about 1pm or 1:30pm. We are looking forward to an intimate time with Christ!

The Worship & Prayer time at the South Campus is now TBA until we work through some details!