As you may have heard, our payment processor is changing from Bluepay to Pushpay. This processor is the circulatory system of our online giving; it allows us to accept credit cards, checking, and debit gifts. We have already begun the switch! When you give online you can select “give” on our website and it will allow you to choose your campus. Select from the dropdown menu which area your gift will be delegated to (i.e. tithes, Kingdom Builders, etc.) and follow the instructions and prompts. You can even set up reoccurring gifts right on the same webpage! 

Another option to get to the giving, you can text-to-give:
Text “Eau Claire” to (833) 921-7003
Text “Chip Falls” to (833) 921-7003

Text “South” to (833) 921-7003
Texto “Dar” a (833) 921-7003 (Iglesia Tiempo de Cosechar)

You can begin using this now! Once you fill it out, it should auto-populate and be very simple thereafter. If you have reoccurring gifts set up in our old system, you have time to change over! In short, we will have the Bluepay system active for a month or two longer, but you will eventually have to go into your giving on myHTC, go to “giving”, and manage that way. More on this in an email to come!

P.S. Did you know that you can access your giving records on your myHTC account at any time? Login (or request login) and take a look around!