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Harvestime Church in Eau Claire is way more than a building.  It is all about the people and the experiences that happen on Sunday and throughout the week.


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Revelation 17 Fall of Babylon
From the series Revelation

Fall of Babylon Armageddon has happened. We have seen the destruction of all the armies of the antichrist. We will see a little more detail about this in Chapter 19. Now we are going to see another flashback that has to do with the destruction of Babylon. Babylon 1.  Mentioned 287 times in the Bible.…

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Pastor Kim 06.26.2014
Pastor Kim

Ekbello and the World’s Greatest Hide and Seek Player

The police department of Lubang kept on getting reports of a man who was stealing sheep, tools, and other small household items.  Many times search parties ventured into the jungle to try and find the culprit only to return empty handed, frustrating the locals.  Finally on March 19, they apprehended Hiroo Onoda. Imagine the surprise…

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