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Harvestime Church in Eau Claire is all about the people and the experiences that happen on Sunday and throughout the week.  Church is more than a building; it is the people.


Click play on the video to hear more from Pastor Kim Buckman about the heart behind Harvestime.


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Pharisees and Sadducees Destruction of Solomons Temple 571 BC the Babylonians destroyed the Temple and led the people into captivity Daniel, Ezekiel Persia overthrows the Babylonian empire in one night 539 during the reign of Beltshazzar Cyrus allows for the rebuilding of the Temple. 536 BC Zerubbabal was in charge of it and the Biblical…

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Pastor Kim

Be the Change

“Be the Change You’re Asking For” is a poster slogan used to motivate the workplace to make a difference. If you need a poster of a cat and a rope telling you to hang in there, there may be other issues in your life that need to become a priority, but I digress. When Jesus…

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Iglesia Tiempo de Cosechar

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