What is Church?

Church is a family.  Although Harvestime are spread from Eau Claire to Mondovi to Chippewa Falls, we keep closely connected and work together to advance the kingdom of God – church is more than a building; it is the people.


Click play on the video to hear more from Pastor Kim Buckman about the heart behind Harvestime.


What is church? See what we believe

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Breaking the Law

By Nathan Christopherson Scientist Henry Morris put to words the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics also known as “the law of decay”. It states that all things tend towards a state of decay or disorder. I see this Law at work every day in my son’s bedroom. No matter the level of work put into cleaning…

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Support ministries and missions that bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as food, clean water, clothing, medical supplies and other vital necessities here in the Chippewa Valley and around the world.

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