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Harvestime Church in Eau Claire is way more than a building.  It is all about the people and the experiences that happen on Sunday and throughout the week.


Click play on the video to hear more from Pastor Kim Buckman about the heart behind Harvestime.


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Restoration: God's Will

Finding God's will and what we are called to do in the area of bringing restoration to others. I want to share a couple of things we need to do and then share a couple of traps that can happen as we try to follow God's will    1. Elijah's Progressive following   1Kings 17:…


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Pastor Kim 01.10.2015
Pastor Kim
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Day of Fasting and Prayer Day 7 Nation

For the Lord's sake, respect all human authority--whether the king as head of state or the officials he has appointed. (1 Peter 2: 13)  this verse pretty much explains itself. We have the privilege of praying for those in authority over us.  Asking God to give them wisdom and honor which they deserve because we…

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