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What is Church?

Harvestime Church in Eau Claire is all about the people and the experiences that happen on Sunday and throughout the week.  Church is more than a building; it is the people.


Click play on the video to hear more from Pastor Kim Buckman about the heart behind Harvestime.


What is church? See what we believe

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Scarlet Thread - Journey to Sinai
From the series The Scarlet Thread

Bitter Water Exodus 15: 25 They were still bitter and everything tasted bitter And they made their lives bitter with hard labor… Exodus 1: 14 They were free from Pharaoh, but they have not escaped their own bitterness. The Lord instructed Moses regarding a tree. Jewish rabbi’s believe that the tree was bitter that was thrown…

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Adam Norlander

Don't Overlook Joy.

There is no greater sorrow, than a non-blogger who hears that it is his week to write the HTC blog post. Such was my fate this morning.  I just completed a couple pages of truly horrid blogging when i asked myself what I actually wanted to talk about. I texted Kate, our amazing HTC Mondovi…

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Iglesia Tiempo de Cosechar

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