The Broken Vase

Back in 2018 we brought in a team called Revive the Valley, where they helped equip us in being a light in our cities. We would go out for hours each day to pray for people – and this lasted for a week! It stretched us and changed us. It was a great starting point to bring us closer in… Continue reading The Broken Vase

Wednesday Picnic – HTCec

A big part of building our community is gathering together as friends and living life together. Church does not just happen on a Sunday, it is you being the light of God all week-long. This Wednesday Harvestime Church is hosting a picnic open for all to come enjoy! Bring the family and a few lawn chairs and come on down. … Continue reading Wednesday Picnic – HTCec

Alpha Home Groups

If you are interested in exploring more about your faith – whether it’s newly founded or it’s been years – you want to join Alpha Home Groups! Get connected to some great people, learn the answers to life’s tough questions like: “Why did Jesus Die?” “How does God guide us?”, and “How does God heal today?” There are MANY things… Continue reading Alpha Home Groups


Things are getting busy! But have they actually ever calmed down? We reached the end of our Be Still series last week and we learned that although it may be good to “take a break” or a vacation, “but being” still is about a continual sabbath – no matter what your schedule looks like! Continue to integrate this continual sabbath… Continue reading Reminder

I’m Glad You Asked

We are beginning a new sermon series called “I’m Glad You Asked” on August 8th where you get to ask the questions. How did Jesus get his education? Why didn’t the animals on the ark eat each other? How do we have a kingdom mindset in our everyday lives? – You can ask those grinding questions you’ve had on your… Continue reading I’m Glad You Asked


11. We need eleven more teachers to be able to fully staff our kids ministry. Eleven more teachers will allow us to open more rooms, take in more kids, and give them opportunities to be introduced to their eternal Savoir! Check out our open positions and fill out a REAL Kids Ministry Serving Application to jump in!


Fireworks, hot dogs, beans, and BBQ ribs – the Fourth of July is a time for celebration! We gather in droves and warmly reflect on the incredible country that we live in.  Throughout the year, it is common to have a regular opportunity to stand and honor the song “The Star-Spangled Banner”, but it wasn’t till this last Wednesday when… Continue reading Star-Spangled

About the Boards

The votes are in! There are a couple of different updates that we are excited to tell you about: – You gave us the approval to begin negotiations on the purchase of a few acres next to our South Campus. If we vote in the future for purchase (depending on how negotiations go), we will then be able to expand… Continue reading About the Boards

He is the Sabbath

God commands us to rest, to “honor the Sabbath.” What does that mean? Do we not get any work done that day? Do we relax and play video games? Do we not move in fear of making God angry? In the Bible, Jesus realized that people were trying to perform the Sabbath. When the Pharisees saw Jesus’s disciples picking grain… Continue reading He is the Sabbath

Be Still

We are getting into a new series “Be Still” next Sunday where we will be challenged to be able to step away from responsibilities and the fast-paced busyness of our crazy lives just to be in His presence and know that He is God. Look at the earth – the trees, soil, and rivers – all of it is a… Continue reading Be Still