The Gospel According to Ruth, September 25, 2022

The Gospel According to Ruth | Birthing Prayer

In the Bible prayer is linked to birthing. When reading Romans, we see it used for several things; all creation groaning like childbirth, in labor waiting for Jesus to return, and the Holy Spirit helps us during these times. While reading Ruth we pair what birthing is like to the situation in the story.

The Gospel According to Ruth, September 11, 2022

The Gospel According to Ruth | The “Vav” and Pentecost

Vav is a Hebrew letter that connects two words or ideas. It is used to create bonds and affect from one thing to another. We can see the influence of this letter in the book of Ruth and how the use of it confirmed a sense of restoration.

Stand, September 4, 2022

Selah | Stand

Selah shows up in the Bible several times. It is usually put in a place where the reader is told to stop and think about what was written. For these Sunday services, we will be focusing on meditating on God’s goodness while we pray and worship. This year’s theme “Stand” will be the focus of this service. 

Battle Ready, August 28, 2022

Battle Ready | Helmet of Salvation

Every part of the armor is important. In our next sermon we are looking at the helmet of salvation. The head covering needs to be applied to protect your face and head. Are you wearing your helmet of salvation?

Battle Ready, August 21, 2022

Battle Ready | Shield of Faith

Each piece of the armor is compiled to create a completely impenetrable wall; while armed, you will not be struck down. Shield of Faith is one of the few pieces, and faith is an incredibly important part of the while. It is the initial line of defense, one you actively aim at catching the enemy’s attack. What does active faith… Continue reading Battle Ready | Shield of Faith

Battle Ready, August 14, 2022

Battle Ready | Sword of the Spirit

Being “battle-ready” means you are prepared with gear (your sword, shield, and armor), but also mentally. God constantly asks us to go to bat for what is right and just. He will be with us during difficult times and do what He tells us to do.