Go, March 26, 2023

Go | The Toolbox | Declarative Prayer

There is a difference between praying for God to intervene and declaring truth over a situation. We have to learn to find our authoritative voice and have the faith to back it up.

Go, March 5, 2023

Go | The Toolbox | Circles

Life groups are an essential component of discipleship, as they provide an opportunity for believers to come together in community and grow in their faith journey. However, it’s not enough to simply attend these groups and go through the motions – we must also actively use our spiritual gifts to serve and edify one another. Each of us has been… Continue reading Go | The Toolbox | Circles

Go, February 26, 2023

Go | The Toolbox | Spiritual Realm

We know that evil spirits can have a negative influence on our lives and can create havoc in our homes. But the good news is that God has given us the power to overcome these evil spirits through the name of Jesus Christ.

Go, February 19, 2023

Go | The Toolbox | Spiritual Gifts

There are so many spiritual gifts listed int he Bible. But which to you have? How is God using them for His glory? If you want to check out the amazing abilities He gives His people, you only need to look in His Word.