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"Worship is not primarily your activity; worship is first your identity as a human being." Paul David Tripp

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Harvestime Worship

What is Worship?

Worship is more than singing on stage for service, worship is a lifestyle. It is who we are as human beings. We are created to worship in everything that we do. This is why at Harvestime we corporate worship experiences where we focus and celebrate on the amazing(ness) of our God, Harvestime Worship strives to create an excellent experience from the tech to the musician, so you can focus on God.

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Worship Leadership

Dan & Beth McCauley

Nathan Christopherson

Worship Director - Chippewa Falls

Dan & Beth McCauley

JoLynn Norlander

Worship Director - South

Dan & Beth McCauley

Alyssa Thoms

Tech Director - Eau Claire

Dan & Beth McCauley

Eric Stephenson

Tech Director - Chippewa Falls

Meet the Team

We are excited to meet you! The staff at Harvestime is invested in the community that God has built in this valley. Check out the HTC Team.
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Interested in serving on the worship team?

There are many gifted musicians, singers, and technicians at the church, and many spaces needing to be filled! Join the team and be a part of what God is doing here.

  • Singers
  • Guitarists
  • Bassists
  • Key Players/Pianists
  • Drummers
  • Sound Technicians
  • Computer Technicians
  • ...and more!
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