“I remember the days of old.  I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done. I lift my hands in prayer…”

Psalm 143:5

Ponder. Who even uses that word anymore?  I looked this verse up in a number of versions of the Bible and all but one used the word ponder.  Now ponder means to think about, meditate, or to muse over right?  In Psalms 143, it means to speak, sing, or talk about.  David is literally saying, I can’t help but sing, speak, or talk about.  I will leave the singing to others, but I will talk and that is the purpose of a blog int he first place to talk about what is on our minds and thus intrigue the five followers that are closely following this pastor’s important ponderings.  I know that isn’t a word but my five followers will know that I am not beyond making up words as I continue to show that I was only a “B” student in college.
The pondering for today is about a testimonial video (“Victory in Christ”) of the church in Iraq which is struggling with the battle of ISIS. The purpose of showing this is not to shame the church of America but to help us, and them attain perfection.  Hebrews 11: 39, 40 states that some believers did not attain any of the promises while others did, but only together will we see that God has something better in mind for His church.
[vimeo video=”134556152″]  
My pondering today that I cannot be quiet about is that we would not get consumed by our own little world, but we would see we are a part of a bigger picture of something far better than what I see in front of me.  There are no insignificant parts and there are no forgotten people.
Rejoice in His goodness, be thankful that He is unfolding a world wide plan and you have a part to play in it until the plan is complete and we live with Him forever.