We are beginning a new sermon series called “I’m Glad You Asked” on August 8th where you get to ask the questions. How did Jesus get his education? Why didn’t the animals on the ark eat each other? How do we have a kingdom mindset in our everyday lives? – You can ask those grinding questions you’ve had on your mind. It can be anything! Our HTC Pastors will discuss them during a main service.

How do I ask a question?
– Flesh out the question; try to convey exactly what you want to know and send it to [email protected].

I have a question, but I don’t want to be singled out.
– Don’t worry! We do not reveal who asked the question, and you may not be the only one to ask it!

I have many questions. Can I send all of them?
– We are open to all of your questions! Ask as many as you would like and we will try to address them during service.

What if I attend a different campus during the series?
– All campuses (except for our Hispanic campus) will be answering the same questions unless they are asked the day-of.The new series begins on August 8th; we are taking questions now! email [email protected] to submit them.