It’s almost here! Harvest Fest (10/31 • 1pm-3pm • HTCec) will be a great time–and a great opportunity to reach out to your friends and family. Wonder what will be available to enjoy at the event?

Food – Come hungry for some hot dogs, chips, lemonade, cider, hot chocolate, and candy (all free)!

S’mores Bar – Toast your own perfect marshmallow over a personal flame. Want a fancy s’more? Choose from Reese’s, cookies, or the tried-and-true Hersey’s! 

Face Painting – Give that canvas a little color! Pick from a list of ideas for something fun and autumn-y.

Inflatables – Release some energy on one of the three large inflatables!

Petting Zoo – Thank you to Haven’s Petting Zoo for working with us for this event! They will be bringing in a lamb, goat, rabbit, pig, calf, and more!

Pumpkin Bowling – Send that orange fruit down the lane and knock over all the pins you can! 

Pumpkin Painting – These personal little pumpkins are a perfect addition to your table centerpiece, or outside entrance. Get creative! (We recommend beginning with this station first to allow time for drying. Don’t worry! We can hold on to your pumpkins as you enjoy the other festivities!)

Pumpkin Chucking – Ever wanted to launch a pumpkin (or apple) at a wall and see it explode? Well, now you can!

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe – Relax with your friend over a challenging game of strategy.

(Phew! There are a lot of “pumpkin” games! Thanks for any donations that came in!)