Thank you so much for the responses we’ve gotten already from people wanting to serve in kid’s ministry! We are thrilled to have you on team.

Church is not the building, it’s you. It cannot run without the church family’s giftings being put into play, and since we are all different and bring something special to the table, it works best if we all work together. 

If God has been tapping you on the shoulder and telling you to make the move into serving, this is your opportunity. Kid’s ministry is not babysitting, it is about teaching our little ones about God in practical ways for their age – introducing an internal soul to an eternal Savior. 

One of Harvestime’s core values is “every believer is a minister.” This doesn’t mean that you have to go across the world to tell people about Jesus, it can be done at work, or during a hobby, or in the nursery at church. This may be your mission field – your callingDon’t wait on it, make a move!

FIll out a serving application here and we will get you plugged in!