“Mighty Mouse” was a cartoon character from the 40’s that also played on CBS morning cartoons in the 60’s.  The show consisted to various mice being imperiled by “evil cats”.  Usually more than half way through the cartoon, Mighty Mouse would appear to “save the day”.  I really don’t remember too much about the cartoons, but the theme song has stuck in my mind to this day, especially the cry, “Here I come to save the day!”
But a mouse isn’t coming to save the day. Neither is an “Avenger” or Superman.  (He can’t because he died in the last movie, or did he?…)  Actually, we should not even be waiting for Jesus to come in and save the day for us. Really Jesus isn’t going to save the day? Well, yes and no….
An overwhelming problem: five thousand men plus families were in a barren place and nothing of substance was there to meet their need.  The answer was to send them away to try and find something (Mark 6: 36).  Isn’t it easier to just try and ignore the problems that are in front of us?  They come so fast and we are so far from every shooting or hurricane. It is easier to just forget about them all and send them away to another part of our mind.  Then  we don’t have to think about them and deal with the overwhelming need. Now, this seems a little crass and we do pause to think for a moment about it all and come up with the answer, “Jesus must be returning soon, What’s new on Netflix tonight?”
Jesus didn’t let the disciples off so easy.  He told them to feed the people. (Mark 6: 37).  I love their answer: “With what?”  What can I do in this situation of overwhelming need?  Jesus replied, “What do you have?”  Fish, bread, a voice to proclaim that my God is still on the throne.  A hope that this world is not all there is; there is a secure future that is laid up for me. There are a few dollars in my pocket that I can use to feed someone instead of that movie this weekend.
When the disciples gave Jesus what little they had, a miracle that is recorded in all four gospels happened, the people were all fed.
What is coming to “save the day” is not a mouse, but the church, and we will be a light in the darkness that will proclaim with the great songwriter, “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, Great is thy faithfulness.”