In case you have been living under a rock for the past three months to avoid this thing called the “Polar Vortex” you may not have heard that there is a movie that is in theaters called Noah.  It has the star power of director Darren Aronofsky (maker of the game show “Super Market Sweep) and actor Russell Crowe (Hammers Over the Anvil).  People are voicing their opinions about whether we should go to the movie and show our support for Hollywood making Bible based movies, or stay away because of its Biblical inaccuracies.   I have never really expected Hollywood to be accurate in its telling of Biblical stories or history in general.  Remember Braveheart?  The Isabelle of France, William Wallace fell in love with was only four years old at the time of the Scottish rebellion. The cartoon, Pocahontas, was lauded for its accuracies in the way the villages looked and the time period clothing.  Never mind that she was about 20 years older in the movie than real life. Oh yeah, and rather than living a life talking to trees, she became the first baptized christian in this new world colony, but I digress.  Noah is full of inaccuracies but these are a little more important the age discrepancies of Isabelle, and Pocahontas.  Noah represents a picture of Christ being able to save us in the midst of incredible judgment (See 2 Peter 2: 6).  He was not just a radical environmentalist, he was the only godly man on the whole face of the earth.  Drunkard? at least one instance in the bible would allude to that. Trusting and obedient to the will of God? A couple of chapters of the Bible would allude to that.  A picture showing God’s ability to do anything at any time in any way?  One of many stories in the Bible that demonstrate that.
So should we all go to the movie and show our support for Biblical movies from Hollywood?  Should we stay away in droves eating our popcorn at home watching Netflix?  I am so glad that God has given us the mind of Christ so we can know what we are to do in situations like this. (See 1 Corinthians 2: 16)  Live with a passion for him and he will direct your steps.   I really only have two things for you to consider.  When I was growing up, (and from my height you know I did a lot of that) we would watch movies together on TV.  I remember watching one on the life of Sampson.  My Dad walked in and we encouraged him to watch it with us.  He said, “I don’t have to, I’ve read the book”.  Don’t forget truth comes from the Bible, not Carmike Cinemas.  Tune your mind to be able to hear the voice of God by reading his words through the Bible.  The second thing I would like you to consider is to watch another movie called “Noah the Movie”  You can find it at it will be worth 30 minutes it takes to watch.  As my sister said in a post, “It will satisfy your Noah craving.”  Be blessed today.