Be Still, July 18, 2021

Be Still | Stop & Rest

Good morning, Church! Pastor Dan brings us the message as we continue our deep dive into what it means to rest with God.

Be Still, June 27, 2021

Be Still | Be in Rest

Do you know what it truly means to be IN rest according to God’s word? What does His word say about the Sabbath? Pastor Karl digs in to what it means to be in rest with God.

Be Still, June 27, 2021

Be Still | Being Able to Stop

Life is busy. Maybe we can stop and rest tonight after work. Maybe this weekend. Perhaps next month when things calm down. There is no good time to plan to stop; we just need to stop in our activities, even when they are not done. It’s not about trying it during a convenient time. Instead, have that Sabbath be available… Continue reading Be Still | Being Able to Stop

Be Still, June 13, 2021

Be Still | The Command to Rest

We often forget that God does just suggest that we learn to be still during the busyness of life, he commands it. Remember the Sabbath – with Jesus coming, every day is our Sabbath.

Seek First, May 16, 2021

Seek First | The Decision

Pastor Karl Hanson is speaking on ‘The Decision’ and how that relates to forgiveness in our lives. What does the Bible tell us about what to do with forgiveness?