Battle Ready, July 24, 2022

Battle Ready | Armor of God (pt.1)

Start at the roots. Why do we put on the armor of God? Why should we trust the armor that He provides? Does God really care about us? We see that the devil is always working for bad, and we need to be prepared.

Battle Ready, July 17, 2022

Battle Ready | Overcoming and the Armor of God

Christians are called to be soldiers for Christ. That means we need to be armed with His armor and prepared to overcome everything. We are never alone—God is always our strength and power behind us when we are in battle. But it is your responsibility to be battle-ready.

Stand, July 3, 2022

Stand | We the People

God has had His hand our every part of American history. America ignited as one nation, under God, and He was a part of it throughout its formation. During the Fourth of July season, we look back and remember our covenant, heritage, and the cost behind declaring independence from Britain. Today’s round table will reveal more!