Last week we learned how Jesus will set up a “Divine Appointment” were we are able to bring life change to another person. This week we will look at times when God Divinely intervenes in the lives of His people. This can happen through three areas.

  1. Dreams and Visions
  2. Where God changes the course of a person
  3. Where God helps people bear up under a situation

1. Dreams and Visions

Joel 2: 28 promised that when the Holy Spirit comes we will see Young men dream dreams and Old men see visions.

These visions and dreams are not on the same level as the Bible and must line up with the message of the Bible to be valid, but they are a part of our lives today.

Acts 10 shares the details of a vision Peter had.

  • He was not seeking a vision, he was just hungry and went on the roof to pray.
  • The vision came to him. (Many say spiritual visions are bright and vibrant compared to normal dreams.)
  • Different visions may have the same interpretation. (Pharaoh had two dreams about a drought coming to Egypt and they both meant the same thing)
  • Visions are not necessarily chronological or are they always complete in themselves.
  • Must act upon the vision
  • Peter spent time meditating on what it meant.
  • We can search the Bible to see if it lines up with what the Bible teaches
  • We can ask God for wisdom. God will not give us a dream or vision and not let us know what it means

2. God intervenes to change our future

Or we should say our perceived future.

Paul and Silas were stopped by the Holy Spirit in their pursuit

  • God intervened in the cases of opening prison doors
  • Angels come to minister to us. (Hebrews 1: 14)

Seek Jesus not angels, but still know they are there to intervene

Quote from Book “ACT NORMAL”

Not about being delivered from a situation but rather how can I glorify God in the midst of this situation.

Paul and Silas change directions and head toward Macedonia

  • Lydia encounters Jesus
  • A slave girl is set free from demonic oppression
  • Paul and Silas are beaten and thrown into jail

3. God intervenes to comfort us int he midst of our battle

Stephen saw Jesus as he was about to be killed

Galatians 6: 1 – 3 Dear brothers and sisters, if another Christian is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself. 2 Share each other’s troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ. 3 If you think you are too important to help someone in need, you are only fooling yourself. You are really a nobody

  • Remove burden
  • Help bear up under the burden

Ananias was called on to bring comfort to Saul