Row Row Row Your Boat was a song written in 1881

Row = work in unity

Streams = boundaries in which we live

Merrily = How we are called to take each turn the river has for us

Dream = Not here that long then we are in eternity.

1. God has given us gifts

  1. So we would be completely furnished
  2. So we can accomplish all that we do with our hands, minds, arts, and industry
  3. To get gifts, we need to: Ask God for them, or have hands laid on us (Not a requirement for spiritual gifts), earnestly desire them.
  4. With Spiritual Gifts we are able to raise up others with spiritual gifts.
  5. We need to enter in and not be observers to what is happening around us.

2. Using Those gifts for unity and maturity

Ephesians 4: 13 – 16

Jesus has given us spiritual gifts so that we will grow up and be mature measuring up tot he full standard of Christ.

Full standard has a connotation of a boat that has all its oarsmen in it rowing so the boat can move ahead at full power ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT

full = perfect = this does not mean that we never do anything wrong, but we become people of integrity.

3. Unity Defined

  1. Unity is more than just everyone on a ship doing the same thing
  2. Unity is more than everyone enduring each other
  3. Unity is not a formal gathering of political, spiritual, or social power.

Vs 16 Each part does its own special work and we help others grow being full of love.

4. Recognizing Each Other

Romans 12: 9 – 13

  1. Don’t pretend to love each other
  2. Genuine affection (stir it up to a boil)
  3. Hard work to live like this.
  4. How we flow down the stream
  • confident hope (eyes fixed on heaven)
  • Personal Tribulation (problems don’t excuse our ability to love each other
  • Hospitality is a love for strangers and those who hate us.
  • Go after those with needs

5. Faith in Action

Romans 12: 6 – 8

Act according to the faith you have. We are to use our gifts according tot he faith we have.

Ephesians 4: 14 Winds tossing = betting against someone with loaded dice, you can’t win

Mahesh Chavda We have to watch the spirit behind what is said to us and how it creates storms in our lives.

Romans 12: 2 Let God transform the way you think

Luke 8 is an example of the same kind of storm that is hitting the people in Ephesians.

Vs 22 We are going over to the other side. (Rhema word that God is going to do something and take us somewhere)

Vs 23 the storm comes

Vs 24 don’t you care if we drown. ( they lost the Rhema word that said they were going to the other side.)

Faith to minister is lost in a storm.

Vs 24 Jesus rebuked their lack of faith.

Life is just a dream and then we stand before God. Stand as a person of integrity ready to receive reward for all you have done for Him