Ephesians 5: 15 – 20

  1. BE

Be – Discern, think about, Walk it out.

Live out Christianity. We mentioned this two weeks ago.

A Christian is not someone who just prays a prayer and accepts Jesus. They are people who have the Bible living out in and through their lives.

Christ alive and living in and through me. We become the fragrance of God in this world.

He becomes more real as he works his life through us.

EXAMPLE: Don’t pray for peace, made the God of peace be made manifest in and through my life. NOT I WANT YOUR JOY, I WANT THE GOD OF JOY.

  1. Don’t be a fool. Live your life as if there is not God. Who is this letter written to? Ephesians 1: 1 God’s holy people.
  2. How not to be a fool? Make the most of every opportunity.


REDEEM THE TIME in other versions

Kairos rather than Chronos

1. Chronos = Chronological

2. Kairos = opportunity

Not all time is the same, some is more precious than others.

  1. God will set up precious moments where we can advance the kingdom of God.

Parable of the Good Samaritan too busy to help the person hurting around them.

2. Set up precious times.

a) Psalm 112: 1, 2 Those who fear god, their children will be blessed.

b) confidently trust The Lord to take care of them. Vs 7

c) confident and fearless (CREATING PRECIOUS MOMENTS)

d) Paul arrested for faith. Word of God comes to him Acts 23: 11 Just as you have been a witness for me in Jerusalem you must preach the Good News in rome as well. Acts 25 before Festus you could go free but you have appealed before Nero so before him you will go. Could cost him everything, but he was willing to go.

BE and CREATE precious times.



fat rubbed into a hide to stretch it. Condition changed.

Excess = astoia nothing of a saving quality rather a destructive quality.

debauched life, what did we do last night?

Filled not like excess Excess stretching of a dead hide while Filled has to do with supply liberally, to flood to diffuse throughout with a living being.

Acts 6: 15 Stephen was a man filled with the Holy Spirit

Spirit controlled him and he yielded himself to the Spirit of God.

moment by moment filled with Jesus.

Create moments now be filled moment by moment.



1. Pharisees answer was adherence to the law

2. Saducees answer was to work with Rome

3. Zealots their answer was to throw off the bonds of Rome

4. Essenes their answer was to escape into the wilderness and hide out.

5. At just the right time, Christ came. Luke 4: 18 Spirit of The Lord is upon me….Time of the Lord’s favor has come.

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. empowered with my Holy Spirit and truth, nothing can separate you from my love.

BE filled with joy and thanksgiving. Vs 20

Father through Jesus

  1. Adopted
  2. Redeemed
  3. Made a child of the king
  4. Set apart to reign forever.

Living a life of excess or filled Being and creating Kairos moments.