Expect means look forward to or regard as likely to happen

Abraham settled int he land of Haran which means little fruit.

Now he moved form that place and took his nephew Lot with him

Both of them become rich and a battle starts between their herds and shepherds

Genesis 13: 8, 9 Abraham comes up with an idea that they should separate and he allows Lot to chose which land he wants.

  1. Lot rich because of Abraham
  2. Lot did not respect the older person which was important in their culture.
  3. Lot chose the best land (Genesis 13: 10)

It would have been easy for Abraham to become offended at the attitude of Lot.

Offended = movable stick, trigger of a trap.

Luke 17: 1 it is impossible to live without offenses, but WOE to those from whom they come.

  1. Pharisees offended at teachings of Jesus (Matthew 15: 12
  2. People in Jesus home town offended that the son of Mary (remember she was pregnant without being married) Matthew 13: 5 – 7

2. To get to where God wants us to be we have to be able to finish well.

Lets look at another story of a man who finished what he started.

Judges 7 tells the story of Gideon who attacked a Midian army of 135,000 with only 300 men. He has a wonderful victory and 120,000 of the enemy are defeated. He is now chasing the final 15,000 to finish the battle.

Judges 8 he runs into a couple of people who could bring offense to him and stop him from accomplishing what he wants to do.

1. People of Ephraim were offended that Gideon did not ask them to help him in the battle.

Gideon responds with a kind answer in Vs 2

Kindness in the face of persecution is a way of destroying this offense.

Abraham let Lot go in the direction he wanted and soon Lot was captured by other kings. It would have been easy for Abraham to say it was Lot’s fault for what he did, but Abraham did not respond that way.

  1. Abraham rescued Lot from the enemy kings
  2. Abraham prayed for Lot when he was in Sodom and it was going to be destroyed.

Romans 12: 12 bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them;p pray that God will bless them.

Abraham allowed God to defend him

2. Next attack came when Gideon was tired and worn out.

Vs 4 though tired they continued to chase the enemy.

Isaiah 40: 29 – 31 When we are tired, we can wait upon the Lord and He will renew our strength.

Jeremiah 12: 5 If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses. IF you stumble and fall on open ground, what will you do int he thickets near the Jordan.

3. They were hungry and needed something to eat.

Judges 8: 5 give me something to eat.

WE must have something to feed those who are hungry and hurting because when people see that there is food available, then they will come and get something to eat.

Key to being able to overcome offense

1 John 2: 10 Anyone who loves a brother or sister is living in the light and does not stumble.