We want to look at 2 Kings 20 and see what we can learn from the life of Hezekiah when it comes to dealing with crisis.  This is  lesson that was given to me and I feel it is important for all of us.


  1. Word comes

Vs 1, 2 Isaiah comes with a prophetic word that he is going to die and it is time to get his house in order.

Not every prophetic word that comes our way is always meant to make us feel better.

The word of God is profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.  Two of these are not something I would really look forward to, but they are all needed that I would be trained.


2.  Hezekiah turns his face Vs 2

Turning your face tot he wall represents shutting out the rest of the world and hearing from Jesus about a situation.  It is so easy to run to others instead of turning to Jesus in these situation.

Matthew 6: 6 shut the door and pray to your father who hears every word.

We need to develop the ability to shut out distractions and hear from God when we are being overwhelmed by the situation in front of us.


3. Repeats his faithfulness Vs 3


This is not Hezekiah saying “God you owe me”  He is saying remember how faithful I have been.

When we are going through a crisis, God does not forget our tear and crying out to Him.  He is there and our prayers are not in vain.


4. Tears. Vs 3


We are not made of teflon and never affected by the battles we go through.  There are times we pray and cry.

EXAMPLE:  David in 1 Samuel 30 lost everything and cried until he could weep no more.  (Vs 4)  The key is that he eventually stood up and asked God what he was suppose to do about this situation.  Eventually we have to rise up and take on the enemy.


5. New Word comes Vs 4, 5


Before Isaiah leaves the courtyard, a new answer come to Hezekiah that the answer is there for Him

The answer comes quickly not fast.

Luke 18: 1 – 8 speaks about a widow who is crying out for an answer to a need.  The unjust judge answers her because of her consistent crying.  God is not unjust in answering us when we cry out to Him.

Vs 8  I will come quickly.  This does not mean fast, but when he comes the change will happen fast.


6.  Resurrection power Vs 5


In three days, he will rise up.  This reminds me of the resurrection of Jesus.  God is not only going to deliver us, he is going to raise us up in resurrection power.

Then Hezekiah will go to the temple.  After the battle, you will know Jesus better than you have never known before.  There is great hope in that for our lives.  We will be closer to Jesus than before because of what we have gone through.


7. Spirit of Assimilation Vs 6


Assyria was a country that forced other countries to become Assyrian.   We are living in a time of assimilation.We are asked to talk like others and believe like others or else… God is going to do a work beyond our own private battle.  He s going to destroy the enemy in the midst of our own personal battle.  The battles are never just about us.


8. Fig anointing Vs 7


Fig trees are extremely popular in Israel.  They are everywhere.

The answer to our need is very close.  We just need Jesus to reveal it to us so we can walk in healing and victory.