1. People God uses to advance his kingdom on earth.

We can get discouraged if we don’t see results for the work we do.

Asking to give to missions, we very seldom see the results of what is happening around us, but we are vital to the work God is doing all through the world.

See what is in front of us and do something about it.

2. Naaman

2 Kings 5: 1

  1. Mighty man and leader of great armies of Aram.
  2. King had great respect for him
  3. he was a mighty warrior.
  4. He had leprosy
    1. Not spending a lot of time but leprosy is representative of sin
    2. Jesus not only healed lepers, but he made them clean.

Be careful who you are jealous of and want to be like, for if they are out of relationship with Jesus, they are lepers.

3. Young girl

Naaman raids Israel and takes away a young girl as a slave.

  1. Not in family anymore
  2. slave serving another
  3. Bitterness should have disqualified her from doing anything to advance the kingdom of God
  4. Instead she offers advice for healing in Naaman

EXAMPLE: November 14, 1940 German planes bomb Coventry England and destroyed Christ Church which was built in 1359.  Provost dick Howard took three nails and made a cross from them writing “Father Forgive”  You mean Father forgive the Nazi’s, no when this war is over we will need to work with our enemies to “build a kinder, more Christ-like world.

young girl, build a more christlike world by telling someone else about the hope of getting rid of their leprosy.

Forgiveness isn’t easy, That is the only thing that it isn’t.

4. King’s dismay

misunderstood letter from the King of Aram  Vs 6

Humility is stepping aside to allow God to move in and through us.

Anything God is asking of us is beyond our abilities

5. Elisha

Send him to me.Vs 8 it is time to know that there is a true prophet in Israel.

This is the motivation behind what is happening in front of us.  God wants to show the world that there is a true bride of Christ in the land.

Humility of Elisha. 9 – 10

Selfie generation and want to take a picture of Naaman.

We project famous people and want to put them in front of others.

EXAMPLE: pastor telling me all the phone numbers he had on his phone.

Consumed with self.

6. Officer

Naaman turned away in a rage. Vs 12

Officer 13 not that difficult.

We always try to add something to what is needed to become a part of the kingdom.  Can’t get yourself together, just surrender and allow God to clean you.

7. Return to Elisha

Elis meets with him now. Vs 15  Elisha meets with him won’t take anything from him

8. Greed of Gehazi

I want some clothes and he receives leprosy.

9. Humility

Little girl under hand of God to do something with horrible situation

Elisha not to meet him

Officer to confront leader

Naaman to dip in Jordan.

Important to advance the kingdom of God?  small thing recognized by Jesus in Luke 4 with first sermon recorded.