I don’t believe it is wrong to pause and reflect of the incredible sacrifice that happened on this night. To remember what was done for us and to apply this sacrifice to our lives.

I want to look at a portion in Colossians 1 : 12 – 23

Paul with a broad sweep is going to show God’s plan of salvation that was laid out for us.

Vs 12 We have an inheritance which is not earned but given to us because of a death. Inheritance is not enacted until death.

Vs 13 Delivered us from the power of darkness (Satan’s Domain) Rescue by a sovereign power.

This term is also used in Luke 22: 53 where Jesus spoke about the darkness surrounding his arrest. Sinister forces marshaled against him for decisive combat in the spiritual realm.

Horrific things we marshaled against Jesus.
God was in control of this whole process. Cast dice for his clothes Psalm 22: 19
Powers understood, they would not have crucified Jesus 1 Corinthians 2: 8

Spurgeon We are tempted by Satan, but we are not under his power; we have to fight with him, but we are not his slaves. he is not our king; he has no rights over us; we do not obey him; we will not listen to his temptations.

Transferred = in the ancient world when one empire conquered another empire they would take the population of the defeated empire and transfer it completely to the conqueror’s land. Everything we have now belongs to him.

This is done because of Love

Vs 14 Redemption through his blood. Release by legal ransom. Pleading the blood of Jesus is not just some magical concoction, but it is showing a “receipt” of our lawful purchase as redeemed people.

Forgiveness of sins = the sending away of sin.

Vs 20 through the blood of the cross

The cross did not become a Christian symbol until the fourth century when the Romans stopped suing the cross for executions.

Blood of the cross is symbolic of the literal death he died in our place and the judgement we deserved he took for us.

Vs 21 We who were once alienated and hostile transferred to another owner.

We embraced evil and the devil but now we are transferred. The difference between a Christian and non christian is more than just forgiveness of sins, it is a complete transfer of status.

Vs 22 God’s answer to alienation is reconciliation imitated by His work on the cross.

He died to reconcile us so it is not a half hearted effort, it went to the death on the cross.

Two ways of looking at reconciliation

God is judge and we are guilty in front of him and need forgiveness and justification
God is our friend and we have damaged our relationship with Him and we need reconciliation.
Both are true and neither should be promoted at the expense of the other.

This reconciliation happened because something happened to a real man on a real cross.

Vs 22 We are holy, blameless, and above reproach in His sight. This shows that in Jesus we are pure and can’t even be justly accused of impurity.

This is the way the priests inspected the sacrifice to present them to God. We are a living sacrifice so we continue in godly conduct. We must pass the test of what God has done for us. In what way? Look at three ways from the cross. We can choose to respond in the midst of overwhelming attack against us.

Choose to forgive those nailing Jesus to the cross
Choose to forgive those who have done wrong (thief) Set them free from their own guilt and judgement.
Choose to care for mothers in the midst of overwhelming attacks against us