1. Leprosy and Skin Diseases
  1. The eternal word of God
    1. You have exalted your word above your name Psalm 138: 2
  2. Why does this spend so many chapters obsessing over scabs and mold?
  3. Seems obscure unless we look at them in the light of the New Testament.

2. Unclean 13: 3

  1. biblical leprosy is not the same as the disease today.
    1. Broad term to represent certain skin conditions and mold growths.
  2. Bible goes into great detail about these conditions and they did not take them lightly.
  3. To declare someone leprous or a house unclean, cut them off from family, temple and life.
  4. Declared unclean Vs 11
  5. Person had to do specific things Vs 45, 46
    1. these are things you do for a corpse so literally the priest is declaring the person dead.
  6. We are all lepers.
    1. live in bodies that are falling apart
    2. Corrupted by sin.
  7. House with a mold in it.
    1. Idols in the walls that needed to be destroyed.
  8. Three failures of man
    1. Flesh which is corrupted by sin
    2. Willful sin
    3. Unknown sin

3. Laws of healing 14: 2

  1. No proof that these laws were ever used.
  2. Only leper healed in Bible was a Gentile even though people contacted leprosy.
  3. Jesus came healing lepers
    1. Touched them,
    2. Healed them from a distance
    3. Healed 10 setting a whole city free at one time. Luke 17: 12 – 14
  4. Jesus sending out the disciples.Preach the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.
    1. Cleansing lepers is a sign of the Messiah age coming.
  5. Jesus eating with Simon the Leper Matthew 26: 6

4. Show yourself to the priest 14: 3

  1. there is something about going to the priest to be declared clean.
  2. Jesus required this Mark 1: 40
  3. Jesus is the ultimate priest.
  4. One step 14: 9 dip yourself to be made clean.
    1. 1 Corinthians 15: 42 – 44
      1. Paul stated we don’t have to wait for the resurrection to begin living like this.
        1. Romans 6: 11 – 13
        2. Romans 8: 11 – 13
      2. When we come to Christ, we may still struggle with these passions, but we can no longer “bear fruit for death”

5. Touching the Leper Mark 1: 41

  1. by touching the leper, Jesus made himself ritually unclean.
  2. He is not declaring Leviticus obsolete because the next verse he states that you need to go to the priest.
  3. Jesus took the leprosy upon himself
    1. Isaiah 53: 4 His name is the leper
    2. Jesus rejected and cast out from others.
  4. Isaiah is undone Isaiah 6