This mornings story is not exactly a parable, but it is a story.

Luke 11: 5, 6 teaching us to pray.

  1. Midnight Vs 5

Midnight is a time of transition whether good or bad

  1. One day to another.
  2. Angel of Death came at midnight in Egypt
  3. Boaz found Ruth at his feet at midnight and chose at that time to make her his wife
  4. Job talks about the people being troubled at midnight and passing away Job 34: 20
  5. David will rise up and give thanks at midnight because of what you are doing on the earth Psalm 119: 62
  6. Bridegroom calls out to the twelve virgins at midnight Matthew 25
  7. Paul and Silas sang praises at midnight while they were in prison and an earthquake came Acts 16: 25
  8. Paul on a trip in a storm they deemed at midnight they were approaching a land that they did not know. OR we are entering a unfamiliar place

Isn’t that what transition is?

I don’t know what is on the other side of this.

This person chose to pray at midnight

2. Praying for a friend

I idon’thave anything to give to this person.

If they didn’t have anything, it would have been easy to pray to supply my need and I will give out of the abundance.

If we are going through a transition, those around us are also affected.

Coming to a friend

Not only praying for a friend, but coming to a friend.

There is a relationship established.

3.  I don’t have anything

I don’t have the resources to meet the transition that is in front of me.

We are incapable of steering through this situation.


My friend has everything I have need of instead of other things we look to for comfort

  1. Facebook
  2. Empathy from others
  3. Bottle to calm nerves.
  4. Television to dull nerves

4. I need three loaves.

Carter Conlon Three represent Jesus

  1. Sacrifices three years old
  2. Trinity
  3. Three days and nights in the grave
  4. Jesus 33 when he died and ministered for 3 years as just a few examples

We need Jesus in the midst of this transition.

God is with my comings out and my going in. Psalm 121: 8

Give us your Holy Spirit in these days

You have what I need and I am not leaving until I get it from you.