We have been exploring the term “What is Normal?” for a Christian.

We want to learn what it means to live a new life in the midst of incredible circumstances that are around us.

Normal is believing in a BIG GOD that can do anything.

Luke 24: 1 – 8

1. Dreams must Die to Experience a big God

Woman on their way to the tomb to anoint with oils for burial

Dream that Jesus was the answer was dead.

Never believe in a big God if our dreams don’t die because then we just believe we brought them back with God’s help

EXAMPLE: Want to see a miracle? Must be willing to be in a situation where if God doesn’t move then we are finished

God is not just about making our lives easy, He is about receiving glory for himself so at the end I can only say Only God did this.

A.W. Tozer believed that a low view of God is the cause of hundred lesser evils but a high view of God is the solution to ten thousand temporal problems. Your biggest problem is not a pending divorce a diagnosis or financial problem your biggest problem is not know our big God

2. Looking for Living among the Dead

Go to the tomb because that is the most obvious place for us to turn to find our answer.

Logical to:

  • Go to the doctor
  • Go to the counselor
  • Go to a pastor
  • Ask advice of a friend

None of these are bad in themselves, but if they are our answer, then we will end up looking for life among the dead

Only answer is the Holy Spirit of God moving upon our lives.

Isaiah 59: 1 is the arm of the Lord too short to save us?

What makes us think that we would be able with our own minds to figure out God and his mind. We are looking around the dead trying to find the living.

3. Amazed and Perplexed

Along with trying to figure God’s mind, we have to realize that when God moves two things are going to happen We are going to be amazed, but we are also going to be perplexed.

Day of Pentecost Spirit poured out and disciples went onto the streets speaking the great things of God in every language present. Acts 2: 12 They stood there amazed and perplexed what does this mean?

Peter with vision of sheet from heaven Acts 10: 17 Peter perplexed at meaning of dream. Saw God pour his spirit on the gentiles.

Luke 24: 4 terrified, or perplexed. (Matthew 28: 8 frightened but filled with Joy)

4. A Big God Demands a Response.

They ran to tell the Disciples what had happened. What had happened, Jesus was gone.

I have got to take a step out and see what God is going to do.

Key Point: You can’t build God’s reputation unless you are willing to risk yours

Is your God big enough to risk your reputation?

Peter also responded by running to Jesus

Luke 24: 11, 12 Sounded like nonsense but Peter jumped up and ran to the tomb.