Selah Service

September 29, 2013

Selah means to stop and think about this. We are going to divide the service into three parts with a pause to stop and think about what was said so we do not forget what is happening. Our focus is on three men, but really only one man. Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark. People who become difference makers.

First introduced in Acts 13: 5

Video of fleas jumping and limited

John wants to go on a missions trip with Paul and Barnabas. not a lot of information about what is happening in his life but in verse Vs 13 he leaves them and returns to Jerusalem.

What happened that we quit jumping as a church?

  1. Pray and are surprised that prayers are answered.
  2. Don’t really believe what the Bible says.
  3. No real need for the Holy Spirit because we can really handle most things that are going to happen today.
  4. Give up that our marriages. families, work places, city will ever become more than it is because we don’t believe anymore and we quit jumping. (Believing)
  5. See a crisis on Facebook and respond praying, but are we?



Genesis 11: 31 Terah took his son and settled there. Started on an incredible journey but ended up settling.

Maybe we are afraid of failure


VIDEO famous failures

We start out on the great adventure, but usually end up back where we started calling ourselves SMARTER AND WISER, MORE MATURE IN CHRIST.

God never intended us to walk this journey alone. We are called to walk it with each other.

We aren’t really good at that though are we?

Know each others names, but that is about as deep as it gets.

Acts 15: 36 – 38 Lets go and revisit the places we already went, Barnabas lets take John Mark again and the disagreement starts between them

Paul a man of God, but he was not right in this situation.

  1. So quick to point out the faults of others.
  2. So quick to complain about others
  3. Bring about a pecking order in the body of Christ.

Barnabas name means “son of encouragement”

Took John Mark with him on the mission field with him at a cost of the first missionary team.

JEsus calls us the body of Christ (Use loaf of bread) When we tear others apart, we are tearing ourselves apart.

  1. deal with our own shortcomings, Never be good enough for God to use us.
  2. Be willing to offer ourselves to others
  3. Be willing to have them speak into our own lives
  4. Be a Barnabas and have a Barnabas come into our lives.

Selah moment

  1. write failure of yourselves and others on paper and throw it away.
  2. Take bread and share some with others and pray for others.
  3. Worship God through our offerings.

Worship Set

Quotes to use

Brother Andrew

I was sick and you came too visit me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.

You can only show that by your example. Not by your words. Everybody has words everybody can talk, talk is cheap. We feel all the preaching all the authority must come from the pulpit. It’s not true. It comes from the life of those who follow Jesus.

Galatians 6: 1 If another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path…share each others burdens and in this way obey the law of Christ

Ending worship

Because of Barnabas, John Mark made it.

2 Timothy 4: 11 Bring Mark with you when you come, for he will be helpful to me in my ministry.

he wrote the Gospel of Mark.

What potential is all around us in this sanctuary this morning and all they need is a Barnabas who will help them see who The Holy Spirit is in their lives.

Video from giving force

Ending song on CD


  1. Selah means stop and think about this. It is a term that is used in the Psalms when a statement is made and then the word Selah will appear after it. EXAMPLE: Psalm 62: 8 O my people trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him for God is our refuge. SELAH.
  2. What does a Selah do for us after a statement like this? It helps a statement become more than head knowledge and it starts to become part of us so we are able to remember it and put it into practice.
  3. The first point was about a person named John Mark (Acts 13: 5) He was a young man that wanted to leave everything and go on a missions trip with Paul and Barnabas. This took an incredible amount of risk for John Mark to take this step. What is something risky you may have done in your life? How did it turn out? Are many of the risky things we have done in our lives things that happened when we were younger? Why do you think this is?
  4. How does risk and the christian life intertwine? Is it easy to put the two together or not? Why or Why not?
  5. video of fleas jumping was shown. They can be trained to no longer jump high and the result is that their world becomes the jar they live in. How can risk be trained out of the christian life?
  6. John Mark failed and returned home. (Acts 13; 13) How do you think the thought of failure influences our risk factor?
  7. What does the statement Failure is not fatal mean to you?
  8. John Mark had two people speak into his life after this. (Acts 15: 36 – 38) Barnabas was an encouragement and Paul was a discouragement. Who can give an example of when someone spoke an encouraging word to you that really helped in a hard situation.
  9. How can our encouragement to others help them be able to believe God for great things in their lives?
  10. John Mark made it because of Barnabas (whose name means son of encouragementActs 4: 36). Paul stated that Timothy was valuable to him in 2 Timothy 4: 11. John Mark ended up writing the gospel of Mark so I would say that is a real encouragement.
  11. One of the goals of life groups is to be a group of people who would be like Barnabas to each other. We want to help you believe for great things in your life. In fact according to Galatians 6: 1 this is how we fulfill the law of Christ. Pray for each other that God would make you and encourager to others around you.