Ephesians 6: 10 – 12

Spiritual warfare and what it means for us.

  1. So much out there and this subject can really create a lot of controversy
  2. Error in what we know about spiritual warfare because of our sources. (EXAMPLE: as a young man I listened to tapes of demons talking and learned from those)
  3. Need to keep biblical based in this area
  4. Give satan too much power or not enough power.

1 Known world and Spiritual warfare.

Cosmos = (created universe) was created perfect. Adam’s sin brought the whole universe into decay.

  1. Cosmos is now controlled by a system that opposes God John 15: 8
  2. Opposes Christ redemptive work John 7: 7
  3. Is under control of the prince of darkness 1 John 5: 19

When we try to bring justice and salvation to our community, we need to realize we are working against systems that are in rebellion against God and controlled by spiritual forces.

When I am proclaiming Christ victory and the hope that are found in him, I will meet opposition from authorities. Some seen and some unseen. SO IF I AM TO SEE PEOPLE SET FREE, I HAVE TO REALIZE THAT VICTORY IS UNAVOIDABLE WITHOUT SPIRITUAL BATTLES.

2. Spiritual powers over areas

We can see victories, but people return to their bondage because of spiritual forces over an area that create strongholds

3. The Mark 9 Example

Vs 14 arguing with religious leaders in the face of a demon possessed boy.

Like the disciples in Mark 9 we will see little accomplished if we do not realize that there are spiritual powers in our area.

We can become inept in front of the forces that are in front of us.

Jesus response…How much longer must I put up with you…only comes out by prayer and fasting.

4. Holy Spirit Prayer

Ephesians 6: 10 Be strong in The Lord

In = with

The Lord = the one in whom a thing belongs, He who has power…owner one with control…disposer of a thing

  1. We can pray and not be in God’s will (Luke 9: 54 rejected in Samaria and Disciples asked for fire to come down. Jesus rebuked them and they went on)
  2. Paul and fortune teller girl Acts 16: 16 – 19
  1. Knew problem because she was making a lot of money in the town and it knew her so it stands to reason that Paul also knew her.
  2. Finally mad enough? Why didn’t Paul want to set her free immediately?
  3. Exasperated = make complete by labor gave birth to an answer

John 7: 38 Anyone who believes Living water out of his innermost being.

Innermost being = womb.

Prayer was formed until it gives birth to an answer.

What was he praying?

Jeremiah 1: 9 God will put His words in our mouths.

  1. Find a verse and pray it over your situation
  2. Declare the glory of God over a situation

Romans 8: 26, 27 Groaning that cannot be uttered

EXAMPLE: Dr Elizabeth Grant praying over Project Rescue a ministry to Sex slavery. Speaker was talking about the Lion of Judah. Vision A lion will sometimes break the back of its prey so it can bring it down. Only the lion of Judah can break the back of the evil system that control sexual exploitation in Indian. So set people free by name, and break the power of the system

5. We are in a war for the Cosmos

Taking captives free.

War against the system, but rescuing people from the bondage of that system

By going to war spiritually, we will open a door for a time when people can come into relationship with God. We will never change society forever because we live in a fallen world.

We are at war and need to realize it.

EXAMPLE WW II 72 million casualties with about 45 million being civilians. Safer to be in the war than be a civilian.

What can we pray?

  1. Give me a biblical view of what is happening
  2. help me to grow spiritually
  3. Don’t try this alone, be a part of a community of believers.
  4. Develop a love for the poor.

God will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail Matthew 16: 18