1. Woman touching Jesus Luke 8: 40 – 45

We visited Midgal where this happened and you can see the road.  It was probably 100 yards long where she touched him.

Wasn’t the only woman who touched the hem of the garment.

Mark 6: 53 – 56 shows that all who touches the hem of the garment were healed.

Jesus walking through crowds being tugged on all the time.

Why? did they know this?  Understand the garment

2. Must wear tassels.

Numbers 15: 37 – 41 tells the garment that each Jewish person was to wear.

Four corners = Kraspedon

Tassels attached which are Tzit-tzits (Seat Scene)

Jesus would have worn these.

3. The  Corner Kraspedon

  1. Corners are a sign of Jewishness.
    1. Don’t wear robes anymore so they do have these or undergarments they wear to show this.
  2. Corners represent generosity or something we don’t deserve.
    1. Corners of the fields are to be left for the pour
    2. Ruth slept at the feet of Boaz and he covered her with the corner of his garment.  Ruth 3: 9 cover me for your re my family redeemer.
  3. David cut off the corner of Saul’s robe and was stricken with guilt.  Why?
    1. Cut off his Jewishness and right to rule over Israel.  His authority
      1. Kraspedon shows authority.

From that place of Authority, we have the tassel. (pronounced Seat Scene)

4. The power of the tassel.

  1. Comes out from the cloth
    1. We are to be giving people who radiate out.
    2. Sign of radiating out the presence of God to others.
  2. Blue dye in the middle
    1. made from snakes 12,000 snails to make a thimble of blue dye.
    2. Sign of the priest
      1. Priest represented people to heaven so we have access to heaven today.
      2. Flag is the representation of God’s presence
  3. Tzit-Tzits mean to blossom
    1. We are to blossom out the radiance of God
    2. This is why this brought healing to the woman and others who touch it.
    3. Jesus radiating out to the people.
  4. Tsittzits are grabable.
    1. God came to be touchable by mankind.
    2. I am the holy one who is beyond people, but I am also touchable.
    3. We hold onto so many things and God is challenging us to let go of those things and grab onto him to receive all he has for you.

Numbers 15: Reminder of the law and how we are prone to forget God and chase idols by chasing your own desires.

Thanksgiving is a time to stop and remember this for our lives

Malachi 4: 2 For you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings.