Why are we spending a whole month focusing on the land and people of Israel?

  1. There is confusion as to the role of Israel and the church.  Questions arise as to the importance of Israel today. Is it important or has the church replaced Israel in the Bible
    1. Palestine = Rome’s attempt to wipe out the name of Israel  They used the name of the ancient philistines.
      1. Some  say there was no Israel as it was called Palestine
        1. Jesus sent the twelve disciples to “the land of Israel”  Matthew 10: 6
        2. Jesus returned to land of Israel Matthew 2: 20
    2. For 1900 years there was no Israel so when we read the promises that were given to Israel, it is understandable why people would think that it was talking about the church instead of the land.
      1. No Jew or Gentile in God’s sight right? (See Galatians 3: 28
      2. There is an advantage of being Jewish (See Romans 3: 1, 2)
      3. We  do not have to feel like second class citizens for being Gentiles
    3. As long as there is a sun and moon, there will be  Jewish people. Jeremiah 31: 35, 36
    4. God has an everlasting covenant with Israel  Romans 11: 28, 29
  2. Want to see how closely the church and Israel are related.  Tonight, the blessing that comes from Israel coming back to a relationship with Jesus.
  3. Jesus is forming a new man (See Ephesians 2: 15, 16)
    1. Revelation 15: 3 singing the song of moses and the song of the lamb
      1. Moses is the Torah
      2. Song of the Lamb is the church
    2. Walls of the City of God are made of Jewels and Pearls (See Revelation 21: 18 – 21)
      1. Jewels were created and each represent a tribe of Israel
      2. Pearls are formed layer upon layer and start with a wound
      3. Matthew 13: 44, 45
        1. Jewel hid for a time
        2. Pearl bought with a great price.
    3. Examples from the Old Testament
      1. Ruth a Gentile unites with Boaz a Jewish person and they give birth to the line of David
      2. Esther a Jewish woman, marries a Gentile king and saves the Jewish race
        1. Many became Jewish (Esther 8: 17)
  1. We are Called to make the Jewish people Jealous for Jesus    (See Romans 11: 11)
  2. Luke 16: 29 – 31 we are called to fix the gulf between the Jewish people and eternity
  3. 2 Corinthians 5: 18 – 20 we have the ministry of reconciliation
    1. As we walk in humility we will bring the Jewish people back to Israel (See Isaiah 49: 22, 23)
    2. As we are reconciled, the wedding banquet will be able to happen (See Luke 15: 11 – 32)

What is the timing of all of this?

  1. When Israel returns from the North (Jeremiah 16:: 14 – 16)
  2. When the nations try to divide up the land (Joel 3: 2)
  3. God will bring them back (Jeremiah 31: 7 – 11)
  4. Bring back the tribes from where they have been scattered (Isaiah 11: 11)
    1. Manasseh from Northern India
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Nigeria
    4. Afghanistan and Iraq
  5. i will reveal myself to Israel when they are no longer scattered (Ezekiel 39: 27-29)

Promises for when Israel turns back to God

  1. Blessings of the Jewish people returning to Jesus (Romans 11: 12, 15)
  2. Gospel is for the Jew first (Romans 1: 16)
  3. Gospel will go out of Zion (Isaiah 2: 3)
  4. Holy Spirit will come upon us (Joel 2: 25 – 28a then after this)
  5. I will rebuild the tabernacle (house) so that all mankind will seek my name Amos and Acts 15: 16, 17 and the revival will be so big that the plowman will overtake the reaper Amos 9: 13

Return to Israel important

  1. Malachi last book of New Testament Malachi 4: 5, 6 Fathers to children and children to fathers or the land will have a curse.
    1. Harm Israel fist against us (See Zechariah 2: 8, 9)
  2. Jewish Bible ends with 2 Chronicles 36 blessing of Gentiles upon Israel to come home.