The New Testament defines a “Sabbath Rest” as a place where we can trust God to take care of our problems no matter what the situation that may present itself in front of us.

  1. Read Hebrews 4: 1 How important is it to God that we enter into this type of rest?

  2. Whatwearetalkingaboutisnotanoptionforus,itisanecessity.ReadHebrews4:

    2. What was the shortcoming of the Israelites that stopped them from entering this

    total trust in God? (They did not mix the words he told them with faith)

  3. EXAMPLE from the New Testament. Luke 1. Zechariah was a priest who was on a

    rotation to serve in the temple for a week during the year. While he was serving, the passover lamb was sacrificed and he was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies. Read Luke 1: 8, 9. The people are still sacrificing and singing songs, but nothing is happening spiritually until this day. Vs 11 the arch angel Gabriel appears to Zechariah and stands on the right side of the altar. (The right side is the place of authority) What is the message that Gabriel gives to Zechariah? (Read Vs 13) Why was this such a unique thing? (Read Vs 7). What was Zechariah’s response to this message? (Read Vs 18) Doesn’t that seem like a normal response? What was the result of Zechariah’s unbelief? (Read Vs 20) How does this compare to Hebrews 4: 1? We must mix the words God states with faith because God takes this very seriously.

  4. Mary was a young virgin and Gabriel also appears to her (Read Vs28 – 33) What was Mary’s response? (Read Vs 34) She is not punished like Zechariah. What is the difference between the two? (Zechariah’s visitation was an answer to prayer. Vs 13) how many times have we prayed and not really believed that God was going to answer. How seriously does God take this unbelief?

  5. MarygoestovisithercousinElizabethwhoissixmonthspregnantwithJohn.
    (Read Vs 39 – 45) What was the result for Elizabeth? (she was filled with the spirit, john leaped inside of her and she prophesied that Mary’s baby was the Messiah) Notice nobody told her who the baby was, she knew it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Why was may blessed? (Read Vs 45 she believed God would do what he said) God promised the people of Israel that he would take them into the promised land and they didn’t believe him when hard times came. This caused them to die in the desert. God wants us to believe what he says and this will lead us to rest in him.

  6. Result of trusting in God. Elizabeth prophesies, Mary sings a song of prophesy (Vs 47 – 55, and Zechariah can’t say a thing) Which of these ones is not like the other?

  7. WhenZechariah’sandElizabeth’sbabyisborn,theytakeittothetempletonameit. They want to name it after Zechariah. Zechariah learned his lesson, he was going to believe God and change the destiny. His son was not going to be in the spirit of Zechariah, he was going to be who God wanted him to be. (Read Vs 59 – 64) What is the result of his obedience to God? (He could talk again.) Not only could he talk, but he prophesied who Mary’s baby would become.

  8. Istherehopeforus?(ReadMatthew11:11)HowimportantwasJohninJesus eyes? (The most important person ever born) Think about all the people in the Old Testament and what they did, yet John is the greatest. Now, what does God think about us compared to John? (The least of us are greater than John) How can this be? John was still an Old Testament character even though his story is in the New

Testament. We are born again because of Jesus and this makes us greater. There is hope for us. (Read 2 Thessalonians 1: 11, 12) What is Paul’s prayer for the church of Thessalonica? (that they would live a life worthy of the calling and accomplish all that God has for them.) This is the rest of God, that we would be all he asks us to be. We need to enter this rest and trust in God. Why is this so important? (Vs12) Jesus would be honored because of the way we live.

Let’s enter that rest and trust God so we do not fall short.