Psalm 73

1. I almost slipped

Vs 1, 2 The Lord is the ONLY good

What caused Asaph to slip? Some hidden sin? Watching pornography on his computer? No, it was a heart issue he had with God that came together because of two things that were happening in his life..

Two events coming together caused this.

  1. Vs 13, 14 Pure heart that loves God and wants to serve him, yet problems come at him everyday. It doesn’t let up. Question Why? What? How?
  2. Vs 15, 16 If I had done something wrong I would have understood this, but I didn’t do anything wrong.

It is this question that lead to almost losing his solid footing in The Lord.

If I am serving God, why is it so hard for me and easy for others?

2. Envious of others lives.

Vs 3 How can people get away with what they are getting away with.

EXAMPLE: We live in a society that breeds jealousy.

  1. Magazines that show the beautiful people in the world.
  2. Shows that show off their homes and what they all have.
  3. Athletes with incredible contracts.
  4. Blatant sin proclaimed in front of us.

We scream out as a church, what is up with that and we want justice done and there is none.


EXAMPLE: When we are going through a problem and want the world to just stop, how can they continue on with their lives when mine is crashing.

vs 7 Here is my title, “These fat cats have everything their hearts could ever wish for.

Asaph stated this type of thought process is dangerous ground.

3. Serving God is worthless.

Vs 13 cleansed my heart in vain.

I am trying to serve God for what purpose?



Vs 17 I entered the sanctuary of The Lord.

Sanctuary here is a place of being taught rather than going to church.

John Knox “place of teaching of the Holy Spirit”

He refocused my life.

When I consider what other people have, I have to look at what Spurgeon said about it all Spurgeon “scarlet cloth over a pile of dung”

5. Bitter heart

Vs 21, 22 sin in me wishes it could get away with what they are getting away with.

It made me a beast

Beast = no name or kind of beast, but a big worthless behemoth

6. Your hand is with me.

Not just with his people, but God is with Me!!!

Leading me through the many traps around me and leading me to a glorious destiny.

7. flesh and strength may fail me.

Drink the cup of not my will, but your will be done. Yet God’s will is done and he is with me at all times.

EXAMPLE: God was able to turn Jesus over to evil men because they could not hurt or keep him.

Vs 27 we run from God, we will perish.

8. Minister in time of affliction

Vs 28 Remember things falling apart and we are to tell the wonderful works of Jesus and all he has done through the midst of all of our troubles.