Fireworks, hot dogs, beans, and BBQ ribs – the Fourth of July is a time for celebration! We gather in droves and warmly reflect on the incredible country that we live in. 

Throughout the year, it is common to have a regular opportunity to stand and honor the song “The Star-Spangled Banner”, but it wasn’t till this last Wednesday when Pastor Kim explained the inspirational backstory behind our country’s patriotic song during service that I had a moment of awe and pride for those who formed this country. When the chips seemed down and there was war and pain all around that in the morning and against all odds the sign of hope was still left standing: our American flag. Through the night all those in Fort McHenry knew that we were not losing that battle. 

Jesus is our flag of hope for all who believe, even when the chips are down. We can be overcome with pain, sadness, death, or melancholiness, but in the battle check above the city for our flag. Jesus on the cross is proof that we won!