So, the world is picking back up, again. Cars are a-cruising, people are out a-bustling, there are millions of ways to get that adrenaline coursing. It is understandable to think that we were ripped off by all the restriction put on us for the last two years; we lost some of that dear time that our lives are in such short supply of. Activities, events, and travel opportunities are our way of reconciling the moments we were stuffed in our homes with nothing but food and Netflix. But there is a better way to do this.

We recently finished a forty-day fast, which is the longest our congregation has accomplished together. Our goal was to remove distractions about our situations and press in to our relationship with God. It was great–if I am speaking for all of us–not necessarily fun, but as experience like no other. It is no reason why the Bible commonly expresses its value. But upon the sunset of that 40th day we were challenged to not pick up things that we dropped, instead live life with that fast’s influence on us. Needing God instead of solely enjoying Him at our leisure. 

I challenge you to build upon that time; make an effort to fast in some capacity regularly. Make it a habit to replace a tool of comfort for deepening your connection with God. Along with this, cutting out all the buzz around you by sitting in quietness with your eyes closed, focus your thoughts on Christ. Don’t reach for your phone. Don’t put on music. Just stop, be still, breathe.