Back in 2018 we brought in a team called Revive the Valley, where they helped equip us in being a light in our cities. We would go out for hours each day to pray for people – and this lasted for a week! It stretched us and changed us. It was a great starting point to bring us closer in prayer and start learning how to go be the body in the city. 

At one service we had a painter named Mindi Oaten that was on stage. Throughout the service, she was given a vision and created it on canvas to give to Harvestime. This was the painting and idea behind it that hit her:

There is a need for our valley to be broken of pride so that the light of Jesus could shine through. If we are going to minister to the broken, we need to be broken before the Lord. (Repentance is one of the foundational stones of our faith – Hebrews 6:1,2)

Check out the painting and remind yourself that the Holy Spirit will only work through broken vessels. As we are broken, the light of Jesus, which is able to shine through us, will bring healing to the broken world.