The Source

Every year in January I see churches all over the world, including ours, set aside a time for fasting as we head in to the new year. And each year I ask myself the question of what my fast will be. Some years I pick food, others social media, or TV. But this year as we went in to our fast, I had a different perspective all together – and it all started when my sister sent me a meme:

At first this meme just got a good laugh. I mean we obviously all see the absurdity of plugging a power strip in to itself – or do we? We SAY we do, we SEE the problem, but yet time after time we “try” to do our best for God. But the problem is so many times we leave Him out of the occasion. We make deals with God, we say will “be better.” We make new years resolutions to never miss a Sunday or to read our Bible every day, but we always end up back here. Plugged in to our own strength trying to be righteous without connecting to the one who IS righteous.

As I started my fast this year, I began to think and ask God to show me where I had missed Him. Where am I operating in my own power? As a mom, a wife, a pastor, a friend, an employee? Where have I forgotten to ask for his guidance and wisdom? Where have I walked in my “own power” (is that even a thing?) and forgotten to rely on the source needed to get through every minute?

John 15:5 reminds us, “Yes I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.”

A time of fasting is so important for us to look our lives, our relationship with God and say “Lord a part from you I can do nothing! Show me what you want from me and give me your power to do it.” You see sometimes we are so “close up” that all we see is that the outlet is “plugged in” but fasting helps us see the entire picture. Fasting helps us to take a step back, reassess and realign with what God is doing. It is not His job to fulfill our will, but our job to fulfill HIS will. When He is our source, we are accomplishing His purposes.

So, as our fasting finishes, come before God humble and honest. Asking Him to reveal to you where you are trying to operate without Him. Ask Him to give you the strength to walk in His ways, to remain in Him and to produce much fruit.