This Sunday is Daylight Savings. At 2am your phones will set back an hour automatically and you will have to move any manual timepieces. 

It’s fun to think that, in a way, we are traveling back in time. Clocks and calendars help us live our lives in sync with each other–able to make plans, mathematically and efficiently perform tasks, and make the most of being here. It is a gift to us that we God provided this system. But when you live for eternity there is no need to have to abide by it. God is beyond time. He is here “now” and at the same time here back in “biblical times”. The same God that walked with Adam and Eve, helped the Israelites through the desert, fed 5000 people, and died on the cross is the same God (at the exact time) that is with you now. 

Enjoy the extra hour of sleep. We will see you on Sunday at 9am and 10:45am!