The Illusion of Control

But what if there was another way? Instead of God-forgetting, it was God-remembering. Remembering who really is in control.

That Inner Monologue

Let me the set the scene for you: Blue lights line the back of the stage. Three spotlights shine on the front of the stage.  It is a packed house. There I am, in the middle of it all with … Continued

The Wasp Nest

Oh the weather outside is frightful… It’s cold and windy with snow blowing all around, and yet my mind drifts back to the days of summer. Ahhh – the warmth, the breeze, the yard work. Yep, yard work. My husband … Continued

Sweet Smell of Victory

As we walk the streets of life, there’s nothing like the good news that Jesus leads us in triumphant procession. The victory we have in Him is an undeniable fragrance that He desires to fill our lives and overflow everywhere … Continued


The HTC staff had gotten together in the cafe at Harvestime.  The children were in the nursery in the adjoining room.  One of them cried out “mom!!” and instantly one of the parents responded and went to see what the … Continued

Unwrapping Christmas

Gift giving seems to be a big part of Christmas.  And when you look at the first Christmas you see that giving gifts was a big part of that Christmas ,too. The Magi brought three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. … Continued

Baby Jesus?

Today, I heard on a political talk show a discussion that brushed against eternity. The host was astonishingly making the point that this life is not all there is, as we shall live forever, in an attempt to minimize our … Continued

Expose What You Expect

Every now and then I read something that makes me want to shake my computer screen and shout, “Yes!” This last month I received the following email from Michayla White who is Director of the International Network of Childrens Ministries. … Continued

Trust Me

In our house we look forward to the end of August. It’s my daughters birthday AND it’s when Menards starts putting out their Christmas decor! My daughter and I love to go see all the tree displays and new decorations. … Continued