1.  Days

Our theme verse for Harvestime is “I have come that you would have real and eternal life”. John 10:10

When the bible mentions the word life it is talking about our life here, but also the eternal existence of our life.

Psalms 34: 13. What man is he who desires life (eternal) and loves many days so he would see good?

Life is eternal but to show the brevity of our existence, the bible uses the term days to show how brief a time we really live. So when the bible mentions the word day or days it is referring to the time we are living here.

Jesus standing before entering Jerusalem. If you had known the day of my coming. Luke 19: 42c)

2.  Parable of the penny.

I’ve entitled this sermon the parable of the penny.

EXAMPLE: find them everywhere and don’t bother to pick them up. Cost more to make them than they are worth. In school stick them to the ceiling.

What if we could trade these penny’s in for thousands of dollars, their value would change immensely

EXAMPLE:  pennies which are days of our lives. How we spend them determines our life!!!!!

Table of 29,200 pennies which represent everyday of your life for 80 years. 36 of them to year 5 because not a lot of recollection. 194 of them because we sleep 1/3 of our lives. NOTICE THAT THE PENNIES ARE FINITE. GO THROUGH THEM LIKE WE ARE NOT GOING TO EVER RUN OUT BUT THERE IS AN END AND AGAIN, HOW WE SPEND THEM DETERMINES OUR LIVES.





psalms 90:12 teach us to number our days that we might gain a heart of wisdom and understanding.

Talk on many things and don’t expect to remember them all but I know one will speak to you.

3.  Living Out Our Days.

Cast seed and see what happens. Mark 4:27

Pray for others

Minister a cup of cold water

Be an incredible employer or employee

What ever we do to advance the kingdom of God is spending our penny wisely and there is reward for that.

B.    Spending tomorrow’s penny

Don’t worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries Matthew 6: 34

No reward for this penny

C.  Hard heart

Today if you do not harden your heart. Psalm 95 : 7,8

Sharon Daugherty fear Mark 6: 52. Doubt  Mark 8: 17

D.  Hold forth a message of life today boasting in Day of Messiah Philippians 2: 16

Believing in word of God no matter what the circumstances around us say. Verse goes on to say I will be able to say I did not run in vain.

E.  Spiritual Attacks. 

Put on the armor of God that you would be able to resist in the evil day. Ephesians 6: 13

There is a day when the forces of Satan will come against you in power. The day falls apart all around you.

F. Wait on the Lord 

Do not despair for if our outer man is corrupted then our inner man is renewed day by day 2 Corinthians 4: 16

They that wait on the Lord will run and not grow weary they will walk and not faint.

Some days we can run and some days barely walk but he will strengthen us.

Example: don’t end your life in those weary times. Don’t toss away the rest of these pennies.

G. Today is the day of salvation.

Mark 8:37,38 what will this generation give in exchange for its soul. Buy the whole world and lose out.  Own all the pennies in the world and lose life.

Each day in the paper 3-6 people leave this generation into eternity some to life and some to death.

Change course of your life and restore the wasted years.