Revelation 11

  1. We are at the end of the end
  2. We are ready for the last trumpet to sound forth.
    1. This will usher in the last seven bowls of judgment.
    2. They will happen very quickly.
  3. An angel (Maybe Michael?) has stated that it is all over
  4. John was commanded to come forth and prophesy what was given to him.

1. The temple is measured. Vs 1, 2

  1. John is told to go and measure the temple.
  2. This has also been done before (Ezekiel 40 – 43, Zechariah 2)
    1. This is a sign of preservation even in the midst of what is happening on the earth.
    2. Word for God used here God Almighty (pantokrater = the one who has his hand oneverything.) (9 out of 10 times this is used int he New Testament, it is used inRevelation)
  3. Two things the temple may mean.

1. It could be the church that is here (See Ephesians 2: 19 – 21, 1 Peter 2: 5)
1. Problems with this way of looking at it is that it doesn’t really explain the meaning

of the measurements that are given. WHY MEASURE THE CHURCH?! 2. It is probably the real temple that was rebuilt.

1. There must be an “abomination that causes desolation”. Unique term used an act that is going to happen in the temple that will ruin it for any other sacrifices.

  1. Daniel prophesied it (Daniel 9: 27, 11: 31, 12: 11)
  2. Jesus talked about it (Matthew 24: 15, 16, 24: 21)
  3. Paul said the antichrist would sit in the temple as God (2 Thessalonians 2: 3,4)
  1. Some say that this abomination is in the hearts of God’s people as they set up an idol in their heart. Problem with this is how can they be called God’s people then?
  2. Jewish people want their temple to be rebuilt on the dome of the rock or near it. They are not a large group but they exist. (See


1.They are not mainstream Judaism

2. Can you imagine what animal right activists will do if they start sacrificing again?

3. Christians get excited about the rebuilding of the temple and we really shouldn’t.

  1. Jesus paid the price for sin.
  2. No need to sacrifice animals again.

4. Temple is trampled by the gentiles for 42 months.

  1. Most likely the last 42 months of the tribulation
  2. Trample underfoot means to trample with contempt.

2. The two witnesses Vs 3 – 6

  1. These are two of the more interesting characters in Revelation.
  2. Who are they?
    1. There is no way to really know.
    2. Moses and Elijah? Was the transfiguration a test run for them to come? (See Mark 9:2 – 13
    3. Are they Elijah and Enoch? The only two who have never died?
    4. I think one has to be Elijah (See Malachi 4: 5)

3. They will prophecy repentance. Vs 3

  1. Prophecy means to speak on behalf.
  2. They forth tell and not always foretell.
  3. Clothed in burlap will show the message that they are speaking.

1. Burlap or sackcloth is a sign of repentance. (See Jeremiah 4: 8)

  1. They are given great power during this time.
    1. Remember all the trumpets and what is happening during this time that they are ministering.
    2. They can only do this through the power of God
    3. In the same way, we can only minister through the power of God.
  2. They are called the two olive trees and two lamp stands. Vs 4
    1. This is shown in Zechariah 4: 2, 3 and 4: 14
    2. Zechariah talked about Joshua and Zerubbabel who rebuilt the temple in the OldTestament.
    3. Their olive oil came from the trees as it is poured into them.
    4. Our power must come from God int he same way.
  3. Fire comes from their mouths to protect them. (See Elijah 2 Kings 1)
  4. They can shut heaven from rain. (See 1 Kings 17)
  5. Turn water into blood (See Moses Exodus 7: 14 – 25)
  1. Death of the Two Witnesses Vs 7 – 10
    1. Beast from the pit kills these two prophets.
    2. Root word for witness is martyr.
      1. Witnessing is something we do
      2. Being a witness is someone we are.
    3. KEY POINT: they are not killed until their ministry is finished.
    4. Antichrist kills them.
    5. He kills them in Jerusalem which is also called Sodom: Immorality and Egypt:Slavery
    6. Ministered for 3 1/2 years now they lie dead on the street for 3 1/2 days
    7. People give gifts to each other
    8. People stare at the bodies. (Can watch a leak from an oil well on the bottom of theGulf of Mexico. No problem to watch these two lie dead)
  2. The Resurrection of the Two Witnesses. Vs 11 – 14
    1. They just stand up
    2. God calls them home as they ascend to heaven in response to a loud voice fromheaven
    3. A great earthquake happens.
    4. People give glory to God
      1. Does not mean that they accept Jesus and get saved.
      2. They acknowledge that this is a God thing (See John 9: 24 as people give gloryto God, but don’t accept Jesus)
  3. The Blowing of the Seventh Trumpet. Vs 15 – 19
    1. The Seventh Trumpet finally sounds.
      1. The seventh seal bought incredible silence. (See Revelation 8: 1)
      2. The Seventh Trumpet brings incredible joy
    2. Loud shouts by the creatures we have already seen.
    3. “Have now become” Already accomplished fact that is now taking place.
    4. “His Christ” Proof it is angels and creatures saying this. If it was the church, hewould be “Our Christ.”
  1. God who was, is and is to come. “I AM”
  2. Reign of God has now started on the earth.
  3. NLT has this right by saying “always was” rather than “to come.” Jesus reign is not afuture thing, it is even now.
  4. Nations respond in wrath (See Luke 19: 14 we will not have this man king over us)
  5. There is also great reward to those who are faithful to Jesus. (We will talk about thislater in Revelation)

7. The Temple is opened Vs 19

  1. Ark of Covenant revealed in heaven
  2. This was a symbol of forgiveness for people while here on earth
  3. Now the ultimate symbol of forgiveness is revealed to mankind.
  4. Lightening and an earthquake (See Exodus 19: 16 – 19)
  5. God is ending things with great power and authority.