Revelation 5: 6- 14

  1. Throne of God the Father
  2. Surrounded by Rainbow (God dealing in covenant)
  3. 24 lesser thrones
  4. God the Holy Spirit (Seven torches)
  5. Sea of Glass
  6. Four living beings who are cherubim
  7. God the Father holding a scroll which contains the end of evil in the world
  8. Call out to who is worthy to open the seals and destroy evil.
  9. John crying what is our cry. Will it ever end.
  10. Hope of the world, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, John looked and saw a lamb.
  1. Was once slain, but now has power Vs 6
    1. Daniel had this vision in Daniel 9: 26 Anointed one killed appearing to have

      accomplished nothing.

    2. BUT- Now standing (Resurrection)
    3. He contains the scars for what he did on the cross, but also reigns in power.
    4. Position is before the Father, standing by the Holy Spirit among the 24 thrones.
      1. We can have this position when we pray. (See John 23, 24 We can pray in same position Jesus has because we are his)
      2. Seated with Christ because of God’s incredible grace for us. (See Ephesians 2: 4 – 7)
  2. He is not just a weak lamb.

1. Seven horns
1. horns represent power and authority (omnipotent = all powerful)

  1. Seven Eyes All seeing knows exactly what is going on with perfect discernment (omniscient = all knowing)
  2. Spirit of God on Him.

1. Not just the Spirit of the Father or God, but the Spirit of Jesus (See Acts 16: 7

and Romans 8: 9)
2. Jesus is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit. (See Mark 1: 8 Luke 3: 16)

  1. Taking of the Scroll Vs 7
    1. The culmination of all creation is taking place with one simple action.
    2. The lamb takes the scroll from his father and will set in motion the elimination and

      judgment against evil.

  2. Worship erupts in heaven Vs 8
    1. Harps are a symbol of worship
    2. Incense is presented which are the prayers of the saints.
      1. You may be despised here on earth but your prayers are presented before the throne of God as incense. (See Psalm 141: 2)
      2. These prayers could be the culmination of praying “Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done here on earth”
        1. Dutch Sheets, why we pray over and over for something to happen.
        2. Revelation 8: 3 – 5 Angel takes a full bowl and mixes it with the power of God,

          throws it down upon the earth, results happen.

        3. By our prayers, we could be filling bowls before God.
        4. When a bowl is full the answer comes.
      3. Elders do not intercede for the saints, they just present their prayers before the throne.

4. God the Father accepts these prayers because of one mediator between God and man, the person of Jesus Christ (See 1 Timothy 2: 5)

5. New Song sung Vs 9, 10

  1. Chapter 4 they sang a song of praise for creation and how we are created to worship


  2. Now they are singing a song for redemption
  3. New song representing a new covenant because of Jesus dying.
    1. Old Testament called Old Covenant
    2. New Testament called New Covenant
  4. New Replacing the Old
  5. Content of Song
    1. You are worthy (Entrance given to Caesar upon his arrival as rightful ruler of the earth)
    3. Worthy to take and open the scroll
      1. You were killed on the cross
      2. Purchased mankind with your blood.
      3. Made mankind a Kingdom of Priest
        1. Promise given to Israel (See Exodus 19: 6)
        2. Fulfilled in the church
      4. We shall reign on the earth. We shall become kings.

1. We shall share in the reigning of Christ.

  1. Chorus Joined by others. Vs 11
    1. Innumerable angels (See Daniel 7: 10)
    2. Angels worship of creation in Revelation 4 causes the elders to bow and worship.
    3. Salvation which is given to the elders causes the angels to worship.

      1. They don’t participate in salvation, but are careful observers of it. (See 1 Peter 1: 12; Ephesians 3: 10)

  2. Content of the Song Vs 12

1. To be taken like one word not just characteristics of who He is.

  1. Power = He is king
  2. Riches = fullness of everything we need He is
  3. Wisdom = supreme intelligence belonging to Christ
  4. Strength = Luke 11: 22 overpowered all others.
  5. Honor = He is over all and all creatures will state this someday Philippians 2: 11
  6. Glory = John 1: 14 Excellence of Christ
  7. Blessing Praise to culminate it all (Angels cry Holy every time they see a new

    characteristic of who Jesus was)

8. Sang by every creature Vs 13

1. Nothing in creation is left out of praising our God. (See Romans 8: 20 – 22)

  1. Equality of the lamb and the one on the throne Vs 13
    1. Jesus anything less than God this would be idolatry
    2. He is proclaimed as God by all creation
    3. Caesars come and go, but Jesus reigns forever
  2. Creatures and Elders Vs 14

1. four living beings opened this worship service (Revelation 4: 8) Now they close it.

The Elders worship in silence before the throne in adoration.