1. We are seeing the beginning of the end of evil in the world
  2. These judgements are going to last for 3 1/2 years.
    1. This is giving people a chance to repent.
    2. The patience of God give people a chance to repent, but that day will come as suddenlyas a thief in the night (See 2 Peter 3: 9 – 10)
  3. Inthemeantimeweareto:(1Peter4:7-11)

1. Be earnest and disciplined in our prayers.

  1. Continue to show deep love for each other.
  2. Share our homes and meals with each other.
  3. Use our spiritual gifts to encourage each other.
T!he Angels With the Final Woes Continue.
  1. The prayers of the people and judgement Vs 13
    1. Your kingdom come Your will be done
    2. Altar with four horns is the altar of incense or the golden altar
    3. Incense is the prayers of the people of God.
      1. Why we have monthly times of prayer
      2. Why we meet every fifth Sunday to pray as converge churches
      3. Why we have burns.
      4. We want to fill up the bowls that God would pour out upon us so we would see hiskingdom come.
    4. Our prayers stand in the presence of God.
  2. Euphrates, a symbol of judgement. Vs 14
    1. First sin done there Genesis 2: 10 – 14
    2. First murder Genesis 4: 16
    3. First organized revolt against God Genesis 11: 1 – 9
    4. First real dictatorship Genesis 10: 8 – 10
      1. The melting snow would cause the Euphrates to flood every year.
      2. These floods became an emblem of judgement by means of Babylon and Assyria
      3. The River itself is known as the “Flood” or the “Great River”
  3. Four angels are prepared for this precise moment.
    1. Not necessarily the same angels as Revelation 7: 1
    2. Prepared = same word used as kingdom of God was prepared by God from thefoundation of the world for those who love Him Matthew 25: 34
    3. God has a fixed time and the angels are in a state of readiness for it.
    4. Their attention is on God waiting for His signal.
    5. Again! There is an appointed time but IT WILL COME.
  4. Army of 200 million released on the earth. 15 – 19
    1. Is this literal?1. Hal Lindsey said it was China
      2. Today people say it is a Moslem Confederation! 3. They will kill 1/3 of mankind

      1. First Woe was unable to kill for 5 months
      2. That will change now.
    2. My opinion is that it is a demonic hoard that is being released upon the earth.1. Number states it is too big to count.

1. Both armies in World War Two were 70 million total.

2. How could a human army of 200 million kill 2 billion people?

  1. Description of army could be modern warfare as John saw it, but I think he is justdescribing something that is inconceivable and horrifying.
  2. They are breathing out three plagues Vs 18
    1. Fire
    2. Smoke
    3. Brimstone (Sodom Genesis 19: 24?)
  3. They have power Vs 19 (Liberty to do as they please)
    1. Greek exousia = strength with authority
    2. Immense reserve power of evil
  4. Believe this is a second demonic army released on the world.

Some of the saddest words in the Bible.



Vs 20, 21


  1. Yet, they repented not of their evil ways.
  2. No matter what the horrible things that they are presented with, they refuse to repent.
  3. They continue to commit crimes against God
    1. Murders
    2. Witchcraft = pharmakia = drug usage
    3. Sexual immorality
    4. Theft
    5. Could be that the mention of these four sins is a link to the fact that these things aredemonically inspired activities???

Six of the trumpets have now been sounded.  In the next two chapters we encounter 1. The angels with the little book and 2. The two witnesses. These two chapters form an interlude before we encounter the consummation of all things. Two thirds of the population remaining still have this call to repentance. Soon however all warning will come to an end.!

Chapter 10 The Angel and the Small Scroll.

  1. A mighty Angel comes down Vs 1
    1. Some of the description of this angel is the same as Jesus but Jesus is never described as an angel.
    2. Some of the similarities are given to Michael in Daniel 12: 1, 12: 6, 7 so it could be him.
    3. Angel has three signs of God’s covenant of faithfulness.
      1. Rainbow to Noah and the flood Genesis 10
      2. Pillar of fire which lead Israel through the wilderness.
      3. Scroll with the two tablets from Mount Sinai
  2. Angel cries out Vs 2, 3
    1. Holding a small scroll so the description is not the same as the scroll that only Jesuscould open.
    2. Authority as it is standing on the sea and the land.

1. Even with demonic hoards running around stinging and killing people, Jesus still has all authority

3. Voice speaks and the seven thunders answer.

  1. Psalm 29 seven times repeating the Voice of The Lord. The VOICE OF THE LORD is over the waters; The God of glory thunders. The Lord is over many waters. The VOICE OF THE LORD is powerful; the VOICE OF THE LORD is full of majesty. The VOICE OF THE LORD breaks the cedars, yes The Lord splinters the cedars of Lebanon. He makes them also skip like a calf of Lebanon and Sirion like a young wild os. The VOICE OF THE LORD divides the flames of fire. The VOICE OF THE LORD shakes the wilderness. The Lord shakes the Wilderness of Kadesh. The VOICE OF THE LORD makes the deer give birth and strips the forests bare; and in His temple everyone says Glory! (Vs 3 -9)
  2. Voice of the seven thunders is God speaking out.
  1. John is not permitted to write down what the seven thunders say Vs 4
  2. NomoreDelayVs5-7
    1. Raising his hand is stopping all and proclaiming it is over
    2. The mystery of God revealed to all.
      1. Ultimate conversion of Jewish people a mystery Romans 11: 25
      2. God’s purpose for the church is a mystery Ephesians 3: 3 – 11
      3. The brining in of the fullness of the Gentiles is called a mystery Romans 11: 25
      4. The living presence of Jesus in the believer is called the mystery of God Colossians1: 27 – 2: 3
      5. Gospel itself is called the mystery of Christ. Colossians 4: 3
      6. Mystery is the unfolding of all and the finishing of the ages.
  3. John commissioned to preach Vs 8 – 10
    1. Take what is laid before us.
    2. Similar to Ezekiel 3: 1 – 3 where Ezekiel is commanded to eat the scroll.
    3. Bitter sweet? Mercy and judgement.
  4. you must prophecy Vs 11
    1. Speak God’s words to
      1. Peoples genetic makeup
      2. Nations Gentiles
      3. Tongues people of various languages
      4. Kings Those in leadership
    2. Message, the end is here.
      1. Today we speak blessing 1 Peter 3: 9
      2. Then it will be speaking the judgments of God.