Reminder of where we have been.


  1. Angel just does the final harvest.
    1. This could be the rapture
    2. It is for sure the battle of Armageddon.
    3. Now we are looking at more details about what is happening
    4. This happened in Genesis 1: 1 – 2: 7 and then more details given in Genesis 2: 8 – 25
  2. Prelude to the Bowl judgements 15: 1 – 4
    1. John sees another marvelous sight.
    2. This is a fulfillment of Leviticus 26: 21 “Then, if you walk contrary to Me, and are not willing to obey Me, I will bring on you seven times more plagues according to your sins.   These last seven plagues are God’s wrath poured out on a disobedient and contrary world.
    3. In these bowls, the wrath of God is complete.
      1. Wrath of God remains on people who reject the cross. John 3: 36 “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s Wrath remains on him.”
      2. Romans 1: 18 But shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.
      3. God’s wrath will not be met with repentance, but with more blasphemy and rejection.
      4. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not just innocent people, but perverse people who have rejected Christ.  They are holding parties and exchanging gifts because they killed two christians that were calling them to repent. (See Revelation 11: 10)  There are no children because the rapture has happened by now.
    4. A sea of glass mixed with fire. Vs 2
      1. There are a lot of comparisons between what is going to happen and what has happened in Exodus with the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt.
      2. The sea is mixed with fire as wrath is approaching
    5. There is a great multitude of people before this throne.
      1. Two possibilities of who these people are.
        1. Those who were martyred for their faith
        2. Those who have been raptured.
      2. They are victorious.  Not to be overwhelmed by all the attacks that come against the believers by the antichrist.  The believers are victorious.
      3. They sing a song of Moses.
        1. This song sang in Deuteronomy 32 at the releasing of the children of Israel to become a people and enter the promised land.
        2. Now it is the last song as they are about to enter their inheritance along with all the gentiles. (The song is also called the song of the Lamb)
        3. The Song
          1. Great and marvelous…works Psalm 111: 2 139: 4
          2. The Lord God Almighty  The El Shaddai
          3. Just and true…Ways
            1. you can build on him in storms
            2. Nothing is crooked or false in his nature.
          4. Who shall not fear you? Jeremiah 10: 7
          5. glorify your name Psalm 86: 9
          6. For you are perfectly holy
          7. All nations shall come and worship you.  This is not universal salvation, but people from every nation will be in front of you to worship you.
  3. Angels emerge Vs 5, 6
    1. They come from the temple
    2. This is a reminder that the tabernacle that God had Israel build was a symbol of something greater.
    3. Tabernacle had the altar which was a place that sin was taken care of.  Here is where the final wrath is coming from.
    4. They are clothed in white as a symbol that God’s wrath is always pure and righteous.
    5. They come from  the throne so they are not moving in their own authority.
    6. This is a fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 1: 7 – 9
  4. The temple is filled with the glory of God.
    1. Glory of God is overwhelming (See Exodus 19: 18)
    2. Final judgement is coming and no one can stand against it.
    3. One day all believers will behold this glory and we will enter the temple.




  1. Voice Vs 1
    1. Seeing no one could enter the temple until this part is done, then the voice must be God himself.
  2. The Bowls and comparison to Egypt Vs 2 – 21
    1. Bowl # 1 sores on those who worship the beast Vs 2 (Exodus 9: 8 – 12
    2. Bowl # 2 Sea becomes blood and all creatures die (Exodus 8: 8ff)
    3. Bowl # 3 Rivers and springs turn to blood (Exodus 8: 10 – 11)
      1. God is not vindictive in his wrath
      2. He is giving back to people what they did to believers
      3. Coming from the altar  Our prayers for your kingdom come are having an effect that justice will come upon the earth.
    4. Bowl # 4 Sun scorches the earth.
      1. Not natural global warming
      2. supernatural wrath
      3. People’s reaction?  Still don’t repent of their actions.
      4. False to believe that judgement brings people to God.  His love draws people to himself (See Jeremiah 31: 3)
    5. Bowl # 5 Darkness causing men to gnaw their tongues. (Exodus 10: 21, 23)
      1. Spiritual Darkness of hell being unleashed
      2. People in hell will not repent, but curse God.
    6. Bowl # 6 Armies drawn to battle.
      1. Two beliefs here
        1. The armies come from the east to battle the antichrist
          1. They ultimately turn on God.
        2. They may be all the armies that come against Israel.
      2. Demonic spirits come out of the mouths of the unholy trinity.
        1. Satan
        2. The antichrist
        3. The false prophet.
      3. Word to Israel.  Trust in God for he is coming to save you.
        1. Maybe Israel is not believing in their messiah yet.
        2. This is salvation for them as Jesus is coming to their rescue.
      4. They are coming to the place of Armageddon.
        1. Over 200 battles fought here.
        2. In the Bible
          1. Deborah over Sisera Judges 5: 19
          2. Gideon over the Midianites Judges 7
          3. Pharaoh over Josiah 2 Kings 23: 29
          4. End times mourning Zechariah 12: 11
    7. Bowl # 7 The final judgments
      1. God’s purpose is accomplished and it continues in Revelation 19: 11 (Two more flash backs until then)
      2. Man stands at the threshold of eternity
        1. Earthquake comes on the earth
        2. Babylon is judged. See more of this in chapter 18, 19
        3. Hailstones hit the earth
        4. This is Ezekiel 38
      3. People still don’t repent, but curse God.
      4. God is showing the awesomeness of his power (Those who love him)
      5. God is showing a taste of hell and judgement. (Those who reject him)
    8. We need to pray for those we love to spare them from this wrath.