When we are going through a crisis, our first thought is to ask God to remove this crisis from our lives.  The last thing we want is for Jesus to start a conversation with us instead of taking care of the problem.  Today we want to see what the purpose is behind that conversation.

Mark 9 Tells us the story of a Father and demon possessed boy.

1.  Conversation between the father and Jesus.

We can call this prayer.

Vs 17, 18 I have no where else to turn for help in this situation.

Some of the most intense times of prayer are during crisis that we don’t seem to have during times of prosperity.

Promises lifted up before Jesus.
1.  Apart from you I can’t do anything John 15: 5
2.  I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4: 13

2. Situation gets worse when we start to pray

Vs 19b Bring the boy to me (hope arises) a violent convulsion happens (situation gets worse)

We have an enemy that is going to:

1.  challenge every promise that is in the bible.
2.  come against every act of faith that we put forth.

EXAMPLE: You may have thoughts that you are not really saved. Your profession of faith is useless. God won’t hear or answer your prayer.

3. Jesus starts a conversation.

We can get frustrated that there is no answer.
Just do something about what is happening here.

Ever since I came to you the situation has gotten worse.

We can sink into despair at these times because Jesus is not at our every beck and call.

4. Conversation exposes our hearts.

Vs 22 help him if you can.

EXAMPLE: Moses and the Red Sea. Egypt coming against them, and the people spend all night crying. It wasn’t a revival meeting, it was a blame God meeting.

Jesus response “If I can?” Jesus just rebuked the people who were unable to do anything calling them faithless and having to put up with them.

We can’t doubt our God’s ability to change any situation at any time.

5. Paradox of Christian living
Vs 24 I believe help my unbelief.

Paradox is two opposing statements “I am hot help my shivering”

One moment we are trusting ready to take on the world
Next moment running for our lives.

EXAMPLES: Hall of faith. Abraham believing God and giving his wife over to another king out of fear. Elijah calling down fire and running for his life from Jezebel.

If you don’t struggle with these paradoxes in your life, I wonder if you are a Christian.
A non believer could care less if they have faith or trust. They just live with an attitude of all things happen for a purpose

As a  believer, this is unacceptable in my life God. I believe, help this seed of unbelief in my life.

Our focus becomes our heart issue rather than the circumstance and this is the beginning of victory.

EXAMPLE: Alright to shed tears, Jesus did, but not because you doubt God’s love for you, but you hate that you can’t trust that love when the circumstances get hard.

God I don’t always hate my sin
God I don’t always hate my unbelief

Look at the position the father has placed himself. At the feet of Jesus.

Hebrews 11: 6 He is still a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

6. Move from Unbelief to Expectation.

God to Moses “Get up and quit praying tell the people to get moving. Raise your staff over the sea and divide the waters.” Unbelief has to be gone from a heart for that to happen.
Elijah get up anoint a new prophet and two kings.

God will listen to our crying, but he will also demand us to get up and stand on his promises.

Jeremiah 15: 16 “When i discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight for I bear your name.”

EXAMPLE:John 9 A man was born blind. Who sinned he or his parents that he was born blind. Neither, this happened so the glory of God would be shown.

Minister in incredible weakness so the glory of God would show through your lives.