1. Mission Vs Position

Luke 10 Jesus sends out the 72 to minister to the people of Israel. They return with testimonies about what God has done in and through their lives.

Vs 17 – 20

Mission – what you are able to do for God because of him working through you.

Luke 5 = Jesus to Peter, I will make you a fisher of men. This is Mission.

Something more important than mission.

Vs 20 Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Jesus to Peter = follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

Separation of the mission from our position of who we are in Jesus.

2. Heaven is knowing Jesus.

Johns 17: 3 This is eternal life, that we might know Jesus and God.

Heaven not just streets of gold, or mansions, it is being with and getting to know Jesus.

Paul, It is all dung that I might know you. (Philippians 3: 8)

Jesus said in John 6: 28, 29 There is only one work that God requires, believe in the one he sent.

David, better is one day in your courts than a 1000 elsewhere. (Psalm 84: 10)


When I look at these verses, there is something desperately missing in my pursuit.

3. Mission trumps position.

EXAMPLE: ministry fills position because we want to be actively involved in something. This can lead to bitterness. We allow a team to fill the adventure that we need and desire in our lives.

Result = Church of Ephesus we are filled with ministry, but we have lost our first love.

Bitterness comes into our lives as our mission does not work out the way we want.

4. Knowing the Love of Christ Establishes Position

John 17: 23 …that the world would know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.

How much does the Father love Jesus?

God cannot love half way, we are not interrupting their party when we come to him. The same love that is between the Father and son, is the love that God has for us.

WE can’t begin to know and understand that love, it is beyond us.

EXAMPLE: We have heard of people who have been smothered by another because they can’t handle love that is given.

It takes God to love God.

Romans 5: 5 …For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love.

1 John 3: 1 Behold (See sense) WE have senses to observe the natural world around us Now we have the Holy Spirit so we can sense the Love of God.

How much our Father loves us. (quality of this love that he is delivering to us)

5. Work out for us?

  1. Holy Spirit show us the love of the Father because I don’t know it.
  2. Love is shown in obedience John 14: 15, 16 and I will give you the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth.

Holy Spirit is going to put his finger on an area of our lives and we can decide if we are going to trade it for knowing the Love of Christ.

3. Abide in that love John 15: 9 I have loved you even as the Father has loved me Remain in my love.

EXAMPLE: Battles on why God doesn’t love you are going to enter your mind. Abiding means we are able to battle these thoughts.

Isaiah 62: 4, 5 No longer are you going to be called forsaken or desolate, you new name will be Hephzibah (My delight is in her)

6. Love demands and expression

Key Point: We must be secure in our position before we can move in our mission.

Position places us in a place to have a mission.


1. What is the difference between position and mission?

2. Why does mission trump position so many times in our lives?

3. how does the bible describe different peoples pursuit of knowing God?

A) Paul (Philippians 3: 8)

B) David (Psalm 84: 10)

C) Jesus (Mark 12: 30)

The question is how do I measure up in my pursuit of knowing God compared to these people.

4. Why do you think it takes God to be able to love God?

5. According to Romans 5: 5 How has God helped us be able to love him?

6. What does it means to abide in the Love of God according to John 15: 9? What are some battles that enter our minds that make us doubt whether God really loves us?

7. According to Isaiah 62: 4, 5 God calls us Hiphzibah which means God’s delight is in her. How does that make you feel knowing God’s delight is in knowing you?

8. Pray for a deeper knowledge of the love of God and what that means for us.