1 Corinthians 1: 1 – 9  (text questions [email protected])


  1. Spirit Filled church moving in the gifts of the spirit
  2. Problems plagued the church
    1. Many of those problems were because of the influence of the city.
  3. City of Corinth was known for its sexuality
    1. Term to corrupt was called to Corinthianize someone
    2. Goddess Aphrodite was worshipped in a temple with over 1000 prostitutes.
  4. Paul’s impact on the city in Acts 18
    1. Meets two great leaders Aquila and Priscilla who lived there because Caesar kicked out all the Jews from Rome (Acts 18: 2)
    2. Paul preaches in the synagogue and Crispus the leader of the synagogue accepts Jesus.
    3. A vision comes to Paul to be bold in his speaking.
      1. We do not know the attack that this vision answered
      2. Paul will speak a lot in his letters about being bold in letters and shy in person.
    4. New Governor Gallio come into power after 1 1/2 years.
      1. Jews are emboldened to come against Paul.
      2. Gallio doesn’t want to hear about it and kicks them all out. Vs 15
      3. The people turn on the new leader of the synagogue Sosthenes.
      4. 1 Corinthians 1: 1 Letter from Paul and Sosthenes


The Calling Vs 1 – 3


  1. Paul is called to be an apostle.
    1. He is putting himself on par with the twelve apostles.
    2. 1 Corinthians 15: 9 I’m not worthy to be called an apostle after the way I persecuted the church.
  2. Writing to the church
    1. Word church was around before Acts and christianity.
    2. Church = gathering of citizens in a city-state to discuss and decide on matters of public interest.
    3. Not just a public meeting, but God’s Church.  Gathering of people who discuss matters of eternal interest.
    4. This church is placed in Corinth which is a bad city.
  3. Called by God to be saints
    1. Just as Paul was called and put on the same level as the other apostles even though he did not feel worthy.
    2. We are called and place on a level of being holy and blameless because of the work of Jesus Christ.
    3. Not just called Holy, but made Holy.  A lot wrong with the Corinthians, but first they have to understand that they are saved and pure in the presence of God.
    4. Not an individual calling.
      1. Many times we try to find God’s will for our lives and God is calling us into a corporate pursuit of Himself.
      2. Idea is to walk in obedience to God and fulfill daily what he has for us.
        1. Many times this is character issues that God is working in us.
        2. Here in the states we make this doing something for God instead of becoming someone in Him.
    5. This calling is because of Grace.  Something freely given for His own reasons.
      1. Paul’s calling as an apostle
      2. Our universal calling to be the church in the area we live (Corinth in this instance)
      3. Made Holy because of Jesus
      4. God did it because of His grace.


Thanksgiving Vs 4 – 9


  1. We have gifts because we are in Christ.
    1. The gifts are causing problems, but they are still a reason for thanksgiving.
    2. We can’t avoid the gifts of the spirit just because they may be misused.
    3. That is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
  2. Gifts are in Christ (Belong to Christ)
    1. Gifts given is in past tense so you have spiritual gifts already
    2. Because these gifts are found in Christ, we have no reason to boast at our ability to use them.
    3. Because these gifts are found in Christ, we have no reason to hinder the using of these gifts.
    4. We will become more proficient at certain gifts than others, but we are called to use them all when called upon by the Holy Spirit.
  3. First rebuke to them about the boasting of spiritual gifts. (We will see this in chapters 12 – 14)
    1. They are viewing themselves as very knowledgeable and eloquent in the use of spiritual gifts.
    2. Paul is reminding them that everything they are doing is in Jesus anyway so there is no reason to boast.
  4. We have everything we need as we wait for the return of Jesus VS 7
    1. Are not called to shut down and wait for the return of Jesus because of the evil days.
    2. We are to use our gifts as we keep “ETERNITY ON OUR MINDS”
    3. The Corinthians church made the focus spiritual gifts, Paul is challenging them to remember that eternity should be the focus.
      1. This is why we spent time studying Revelation.
      2. We are never to become satisfied here, but continue to strive to know Christ through his revelation of Himself.
  5. In our pursuit of Him we are strong Vs 8
    1. We have not arrived, but we will make it
    2. If we trust that Jesus can empower us, we will be kept blameless until the end.
  6. God is faithful to fulfill what He said He would do. Vs 9
    1. God will do what He says.
      1. Call us to be holy
      2. Give us spiritual gifts in Jesus
      3. Keep us strong until the end.
    2. God will work these things out in our lives because we are made one with Christ and work with Him.
  7. Eleven times, Paul refers to who we are and what we have because of our relationship with Jesus.  The solution to every problem is Jesus.  Where are your eyes fixed?