We are called to align ourselves with the truth

  1. We have all authority because of Jesus
  2. We are called to reconcile the world back to a relationship with Jesus
  3. We are ambassadors in this world
  1. Christ who knew no sin, became sin. 5:21
  1. This would line up with the cry of Matthew 27:46 My God why have you forsaken me
  2. He once had the Holy Spirit without measure (John 3:34)
  3. Close intimacy with the father was now separated.
  4. Some who thought he was crying out for Elijah to save him. (Mark 15:35)
    1. Could be because Eli and Eliyahu sound so much alike.
    2. Elijah had to come before the coming of Messiah
    3. They were mocking Jesus to see if Elijah would come and save Jesus proving that he is the Messiah.
  5. Again, The answer to life’s problems is the Messiah becoming sin for us.

2.  Be reconciled to God 6:1-3

  1. Do not receive this grace in vain.
    1. Don’t know what the specific problem was in the Corinthian church that they were receiving the grace in vain.
    2. How we can receive the grace of God in vain.
      1. When we Come under its influence, but fail to respond to it.
        1. (Example: Jehoiakim listening to word Jeremiah 36:22 – 25)
        2. Even after Jesus had done all of these things, they still refused to believe in Him John 12:37
      2. When we fail to live by the grace we profess.
        1. Add to the grace we profess Galatians 3:3
        2. Grace of God able to change us. Titus 2:12 Example: Henry Ward Beecher preached on serving others and putting others in front of ourselves.  Tears then dinner pushing in line and talking about what a great sermon it was that morning.
  2. Why it is good not to receive the grace in vain. Vs 2
    1. Paul quotes Isaiah 49:8. Notice he doesn’t say Like Isaiah said 700 years ago but God says.
      1. Isaiah would have thought back to the year King Uzziah died.
      2. Paul would have thought back to the time he was on the road to Damascus
      3. Don’t let satan try and convince you that those times were not real.
    2. Now is the accepted TIME OF GOD’S FAVOR
    3. This favor is not just a time of salvation, but also a time of living in the salvation of God.
  3. When we don’t live in grace, we become a stumbling block to others Vs 3
    1. satan works hard to make people stumble and be a bad example of the grace of God.
    2. How many don’t believe in God because of the example of others who have lived before them.
    3. Ministry here is the calling each of us have upon our lives.

3. Ministry lived out in front of others. 4 – 10

  1. Grace is lived out in the hardships we encounter each day. Vs 4, 5
    1. Patience in Vs 4
      1. tribulations
        1. In this world you will have affliction John 16:33
        2. Through many afflictions we must enter…Acts 14:22
      2. Hardships
        1. Things we need to do (Duties)
      3. calamities
        1. perplexities Paul faced.
    2. Patience in Vs 5
      1. Stripes (5 times 39 whippings three times rods)
      2. put in prison
      3. Angry mobs
      4. Exhausted
      5. sleeplessness (Not insomnia)
      6. Fasting because of work

4. Grace working in him 6, 7a

  1. Purity (thought and action)
  2. Understanding (Scriptures)
  3. patience (no anger at problems coming upon them)
  4. Kindness (with patience how we respond)
    1. Holy Spirit working this grace out in us.

5. Power of righteousness working in Paul’s life 7b – 10

  1. Righteousness is like an armor surrounding Paul.
  2. Many people had opinions about Paul wether good or bad.
  3. We always ache, but we have joy. Vs 10
    1. Joy is in knowing who we are and aligning with that truth.
    2. Joy is a sign of real love (See John 15: 9, 10)

If we are truly abiding in the Love of Christ and not taking the Grace of God in vain, then we will be filled with joy.