1 Corinthians 6:  1 – 11  Questions [email protected]


Dealing with lawsuits in the heathen courts.


The Corinthians have lost sight of the cross and its affect that it is suppose to have on their lives.  The result of this is a life that is trying to get all it can in this life no matter who they step on in the process.


Paul is now dealing with lawsuits among believers.


  1. These lawsuits were done in heathen courts.
  2. They were part of the entertainment of the day
  3. They were done in open courts so people came and watched the spectacle that was
  4. Jesus said we would be able to show others that Christianity was real because of our love for each other. (See John 13:35)
  5. Rabbi Tafron ” It is forbidden to bring a matter of right before idolatrous judges…Whosoever goeth before them with a law-suit is impious, and does the same as though he blasphemed and cursed; and hath lifted his hand against the law of Moses our Teacher,–blessed be he”
  6. “In any place where you find heathen law courts, even though their law is the same as Israelite law, you must not resort to them”


  1. One brother has been wronged. Vs 1
    1. local judge = bema seat of the civil magistrate.
    2. Secular is not saying that he is a bad judge, but that he isn’t saved.
    3. Why are you trying to find justice from those who are not justified before God.
      1. You are allowing a judge that one day you will judge over to rule in your case.
    4. Dare = you are brave enough to take this before this court.


2. Being brave enough to judge your own matters Vs 2 – 6


  1. You are living for the here and now and forgetting your destiny. Vs 2
  2. We are preparing “Right Now” to judge in the next world.  Why can’t you handle this little matter.
    1. The Corinthians were proud in their wisdom, yet not one of them was wise enough to deal with this situation.
    2. In light of heaven, are these matters really that important?
    3. They are dealing with a business deal that has gone bad
  3. You will judge angels.
    1. Paul is not saying it is wrong to go to court.
    2. He appealed his court case in Acts (See Acts 22: 25, and 25: 10, 11)
    3. He is not saying the church should deal with criminal law. (See Romand 13: 3, 4)
    4. We should be able to handle civil cases among believers.
    5. Believers should not sue believers.


3. Paul’s sympathy for the wronged person. Vs 7


  1. Win or lose in court, you have already lost.
  2. When we try to hold onto our own rights, we become losers.
    1. You lose by not enduring injury
      1. I am willing to endure anything if it will bring salvation and eternal glory in Christ Jesus to those God has chosen 2 Timothy 2: 10
    2. You lose by displaying your dirty laundry in front of the public
    3. Why not just let yourself be cheated.
      1. Not saying not to deal with the problem, he is saying why take this problem to the courts
    4. Our testimony before the world is of utmost importance.


4. Paul’s words for the person doing the wrong. Vs 8


  1. You are doing wrong by cheating your fellow believer
    1. I believe this can also apply to christians dealing with other christians in business.  We are always expecting a deal, but never willing to help by giving more.
    2. The cries of those who work have reached the ears of the lord. James 5; 4


5. Warning to all believers about our actions  Vs 8 – 11


  1. Do you not realize how serious your sin is?  You will not inherit the kingdom of God.
    1. I know what I am doing is not good, but it is not that bad.  Yes it is.
  2. Specific sins that will not inherit the kingdom of God.
    1. Before we do the list, A single act isn’t that bad.  Paul must be talking about those who are in a lifestyle of sin.
    2. A lifestyle of sin starts with a single act.
  3. List of sins
    1. Forincators = extramarital affairs
    2. idolaters = worshippers of false gods.  In this context it is Aphrodite goddess of love
    3. Adulterers
    4. Homosexuals
    5. male prostitutes = those who lie with a male like she is a female
    6. Thieves
    7. Greedy people = going after what does not belong to them
    8. drunkards
    9. abusers = foul mouthed
    10. cheaters = those who willfully take more than is theirs.
  4. NONE of these will inherit eternal life.
    1. The man that is cheating another over money is in the same group as these.
  5. But “Once you were but now you are not.”
    1. You are now cleansed =baptism
    2. made holy = set apart for God
    3. made right with God = justified, nothing in our past.
    4. No specific order here
  6. We are this by calling on the name of the Jesus
  7. We are this because of the work of the Holy Spirit