We are now looking at how people should conduct themselves in the way they run their services.

1. The Lord’s Table and abusing the poor. Vs 17 – 22


  1. In the following instructions I cannot praise you. 17 a
    1. When he talked about keeping traditions he could but now here.
    2. They are not doing anything right in this area.
  2. Your coming together as a church does more harm than good 17b
    1. Together is the key.
    2. It does not just mean in the church service, but anytime they get together.
  3. His explanation Vs 18

1. Divisions

  1. This is probably not the same divisions that are in chapter one where each of them follow a different teacher
  2. To some extent I believe it.

1. Paul is hearing from people that have come from Corinth and they may be prejudiced in how they are relating what is happening.! 2. Divisions are never good, they are inevitable.

  1. Jesus said he would bring division (See Matthew 10: 34 – 37)
  2. Divisions here are a sifting process to show who has God’s approval.

1. Basically who are the ones who are acting right in the midst of the trials that are happening.

4. The content of the divisions Vs 20

  1. When you assemble, it is not the Lord’s supper you are eating
  2. you think you are taking Lord’s Supper, but you aren’t

5. Let me tell you why. Vs 21
1. Communion was taken along with a communal meal

1. Nothing wrong with that

  1. Some are eating and drinking until drunk, while others are not getting anything to eat.
  2. It is impossible to put the title “THE LORD”S SUPPER” on this when fellowship is brokenin the body.

6. I can’t pass praise on to you for this. Vs 22

1. More than just not giving each other food, there is a bragging about what we have and this should be kept quiet int he home.

me tell you why Vs 21

  1. When we come to the Lord’s table, we are all on the same level.
  2. The significance of the table is the unity we have through Jesus Christ.
2. The Repeating of the words Jesus gave us. Vs 23 – 26
  1. The tradition of the Lord’s supper came from Jesus Himself Vs 23a
  2. We continue to remember the event that happened before Jesus was handed over to be killed Vs 23b – 24
    1. The blessing and breaking of bread were both part of the Passover Celebration.
    2. Jesus reinterpreted what the meal meant in the light of his suffering that was about to take place.
    3. “For you” Jesus is inviting us to participate in the meaning and benefits of His death.

1. On our behalf

2. In our place

  1. Broken is not in the original Greek so it is omitted. Jesus body was never broken.
  2. We are invited to partake of the remembrance of Jesus death on the cross as a everlasting memorial just as the Passover was to be a memorial.
  1. Jesus took the cup Vs 25a
    1. The bread and cup were separated by the meal.
    2. This is probably why they had a meal as they ate.
  2. This cup is a New Testament in my blood Vs 25b
    1. Testament means covenant
    2. Cup signifies the blood of Jesus poured out.
    3. By taking the cup, we are acknowledging the blood of Jesus was shed for us.
  3. As often as you drink it.

1. Compared to Passover which was once a year, this is to happen as often as we come together.

6. This is important to remember Vs 26

  1. They did not forget the words
  2. They did not forget to celebrate
  3. They forgot that they are proclaiming the Lord’s intent for their lives until he comes again
  4. We have not arrived as some of the Corinthians thought. We are on a journey that will allow the cross of Jesus to have its work in our lives.

3!. Discerning the Lord’s Body Vs 27 – 32

IMPORTANT; Discerning the body is not trying to remember if we sinned this week before we take communion. It is remembering that without the new covenant of Jesus that was started at t!he cross, we are without hope.

  1. To profane the Lord’s table is to place yourself under the same judgement as those who crucified Jesus. Vs 27
  2. We are liable for his death. (See Hebrews 6: 5, 6)
  3. But let a man examine himself

1. Again, not self introspection, but a look at the cross.

4. We are drinking God’s judgment on ourselves Vs 29

1. Not damning ourselves, but a temporary judgment meant to save the participant.

5. Judgement has already begun in the body. Vs 30

  1. Remember there is some crisis going on in Corinth as this time. This is why Paul said it was not a good time to get married.
  2. If they would have discerned the body right, they would have allowed them to escape what was happening. Vs 3
  3. This has to be looked at as a body of believers and not individual.
  4. Those dying in the plague were not the only ones who were not discerning the body of Christ right.

4!. Tarry for one another Vs 32 – 34

Communion is suppose to be a welcoming meal where we invite others to participate rather than leave out those who we feel fall short of our expectation. We are literally called to invite others to have communion with us.!