1. What is the Scarlett Thread?

Joshua 2: 17 – 21 The thread is a Type of Jesus.

We are going to look at the references to Jesus in the Old Testament.

  1. Some are visible presences of Jesus
    1. Judges 6: 11, 12 Angel of the Lord
      1. An angel will not accept worship, but Jesus will (See Vs 20, 21)
    2. Judges 13: 18 My name is too wonderful for you to understand. Miracle
  2. We will be using the One New Man Bible for our study.  this really shows our Jewish roots
  3. References
    1. Doctor Lancaster
    2. James Buckman
    3. Book called the Targum which is the Old Testament written in Aramaic
    4. Mrk Biltz
    5. Jewish Rabbi’s David Forham who doesn’t find Jesus but it is pretty clear so I take it the next step

2. Is it important to study the Scarlett Thread?

  1. If it is just to fill our head with knowledge, then no
  2. John 5: 39 You must examine the Scriptures, because you think you have eternal life in these:  and these are those Scriptures that testify about Me.
    1. We can find Jesus in the Scriptures because the Pharisees were looking for the Messiah
  3. The Emma’s road Luke 24: 13 – 35
    1. The Disciples had everything we have today concerning the resurrection.
      1. Eye witness accounts
      2. An empty tomb
      3. Still having doubts
    2. As they were walking down the road Jesus appeared to them
    3. Explaining Moses and the Prophets he explained to them with all he writings concerning Himself. Vs 27
      1. We are not going to look at the Prophets, but we are going to look at Moses.
    4. The results?  their hearts were burning Vs 32  We want burning hearts.

3. Jesus in Creation

  1. In the Beginning God Created Genesis 1: 1
  2. All things created in Messiah and for Messiah Colossians 1: 16
    1. Messiah called the Wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1: 24)
      1. Wisdom created the earth Proverbs 8: 23 – 30
    2. Messiah called The Word = active finite expression of His infinite being.
      1. Word created all the world John 1: 1 – 3
  3. Word clothed Himself with a human body and dwelt in it like a man camping in a tent.
    1. Gideon became the clothing of the Holy Spirit. (Judges 6: 34)

4. A Look at the Hebrew Language

  1. Name of the Lord will endure Psalm 72: 17
    1. Call him blessed is the name Yinnon one of the names of Messiah.
  2. A companion verse is Verse 5 which is an acronym for the word mashiach which we translate Messiah.
    1. The final letters of the phrase iM sheepish vebifenel YareaCH  translated here as “while the sun endures, and as long as the moon it spell mashiach which is Messiah
    2. The first letters of these words spell Yeshua which is the name Jesus.
  3. Look at Genesis 1: 1 again.
    1. b’ = in
    2. reisheet = beginning, but it is also translated as first fruits in Leviticus 23: 10  “Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When you be come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then you shall bring a sheaf of the first fruits of your harvest unto the priest
      1. One of the names of Jesus in the New Testament is first fruits.  1 Corinthians 15: 23 But each in his own order: Messiah the first fruits.
    3. Genesis 1: 1 could read “by Messiah or in Messiah, God created the heavens and the earth.

5. Yeshua slain since the foundation of the earth.

  1. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Revelation 13: 8
  2. b’reisheet beginning or foundation
    1. Each letter is also a word so Bar means Son (Daniel 3: 25), but also means grain (Genesis 41: 49) Joseph laid up grain(Bar) as the sand of the sea, very much until he stopped counting, for it was without number.
        1. EXAMPLE: Address, Arm, Back, Yard 147 of them in the English language
      1. Son and Grain.  The time has come for the Son(Bar) of  an to be glorified.  Most certainly I tell you, unless a grain (Bar) of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone.  But if it dies, it bears much fruit (John 12: 23, 24)
    2. Next letter is (aleph)  which means created.
    3. The third letter is (Rosh) head or my head
    4. Put together so far.  In the beginning (B’reisheet) Now the letters of this word. The Son created all things On My Head
    5. Last letter “Thorns”
    6. Meaning of being slain since the foundation of the world.
  3. We are not going to do that through the whole thing, but can you see if this was something that Jesus shared with the disciples on the Emmaus road their hearts burned?