1. Circle nature of God
  1. Israel time frame is circular while Western Greek culture is linear
  2. Circular brings us back tot he same point until it is accomplished.
    1. Moses at Jordan praying over Joshua
    2. Elijah praying over Elisha at Jordan river
    3. John the Baptist praying over Jesus at Jordan
      1. Jesus and Joshua are the same name.
  3. Each time they are called to bring people into the rest of God

2. Moses man of prayer Deuteronomy 3:23

  1. Moses knew he could not enter the promised land, but he continued to petition the Lord.
    1. Jesus also prayed passionately for answers. (Hebrews 5: 7)
  2. What does this say to us about prayer?
    1. John 14:13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name so that my Father will receive glory
    2. Mark 11: 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it will be yours.
    3. Anyone ever pray and nothing happens?  What happened when Moses prayed?

3. Prayer of Faith

  1. Teach us how to pray Luke 11: 2 – 4
  2. I need three loaves of bread
    1. your kingdom come
    2. Prayers that advance the kingdom of God
    3. We don’t always know what God’s will is in a situation
    4. God can only give good things, we don’t always ask for good things
    5. No ones good but God Mark 10: 18, 19
      1. Prayer that is good is about giving God
  3. My friend has no bread
    1. If friend does not have any bread, who els does not have any bread?
    2. The prayer was for others.
    3. Putting others needs in front of our own.  EXAMPLE:  give me three loaves so I can give one loaf to another.
  4. shameless persistence.
    1. Never be shy about asking.
    2. Remember the huge God we are asking so make your request worthy of that God.
  5. Prayer of faith
    1. Obedience to what God has told you to do.
    2. Moses told no and to quit asking Vs 26

4. Messianic age

  1. Moses was asking for more than just permission to enter the promised land Vs 24
  2. he was praying for the start of the Messianic era
  3. The Lord closed his ears to this prayer because he was not ready to usher in the final redemption.
  4. Jesus prayed this prayer too.  May the Messianic era start without me dying.
    1. God shut his ears to this prayer too Mark 14: 36
  5. Prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective James 5: 16 – 18
    1. heaven has to close its doors and tell us to stop praying so the answer will not come.

5. Standing with the people.

  1. Lord angry with me on your account Vs 26
    1. Moses is not blaming the people for his not being able to enter.
    2. he was standing with t hose who were not able to enter the promised land so there would be hope for them.
  2. Jesus suffered outside the camp so we need to go outside to enter in Hebrews 13: 12, 13
  3. Moses stayed outside the promised land and Jesus stayed outside the promised land.
  4. by not getting an answer, we are blessing those around us so they can enter in.
    1. Exodus 33: 13 If I have found favor in your sight… Consider too, that this nation is Your people.  Identification with the people of God
    2. Jesus grave was with the wicked Isaiah 53: 9
    3. Look at Isaiah 53 pointing back to Moses and forward to Jesus.
  5. World not worthy of you as a believer Hebrews 11: 35 – 40
    1. Together we would achieve something better
    2. Identification with others who are in pursuit of the kingdom of God.
  6. Israel standing in so whole world will be saved.
    1. All nations blessed through you Acts 3:24 – 26
    2. Romans 3: 1, 2 Jewish people entrusted with the whole revelation of God.
    3. We are accepted because the Jewish people rejected the kingdom Romans 11: 11,12